Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Latest Fashion Trend: To Follow or Not To Follow

Designer clothes fashion is always changing. After all what you wear also decides your personality and judgment. These things require nothing more than more application of your common sense. But it's really tiring and sometimes taxing to always keep your self updated with latest fashion trends and keeping the wardrobe updated with all the latest fashion clothing made by famous fashion designer like Polo Ralph Lauren. Here are some tips to keep your self away from being made into a total fashion victim by following some simple steps while dressing up.

lauren ralph lauren polo
Update your wardrobe: Start following a trend slowly. Try one thing at a time. See if you are comfortable and whether it suits you or not.

You are your best fashion adviser: If you think that a particular style is not suiting you or you are too old/young for a particular style, then do not go for it. Stick to your own style statement instead of running after the latest fashion clothing.

Always go for black clothes: Black clothes or neutral colors is always safe, as they always look expensive, flattering and sophisticated.

Fashion trends have short shelf life: Trends have short shelf life, so try to create a personality, a style statement of your own which cannot be achieved by just wearing designer clothing or latest fashion clothes.

Mix match your clothes: Instead of buying more and more new outfits of the latest hot trends try to mix and match your own outfit, use your creativity and create a look for your self.


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