Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Carpenter Jeans

Carpenter jeans are jeans with many pockets and loops which can be used to carry objects such as tools and are often loose around the leg to be able to accommodated the affixed items. They are often worn by construction workers and carpenters, hence the name, to carry their tools so that their hands can be kept free yet the tools are still easily accessible. The design is basically a pair of waist-high dungarees. Most carpenter jeans are made for function, not fashion, and are usually of a softer denim than the original utilitarian jeans, with a looser fit. Despite this feature, carpenter jeans were quite popular in the late 90s and early 2000s Hip-hop scene.

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Fashionistas may discourage the wearing of carpenter jeans, but carpenter jeans aren't just for carpenters. They aren't even just for teenagers or hip-hop aficionados. They aren't even just for men. Even women can add this designer clothing to their wardrobe because of it's loose and comfortable fit. And many designer in fashion industry like Polo Ralph Lauren create different design for this jeans.

If you really haven't paid attention and aren't sure exactly what carpenter jeans are, it's pretty simple. It's a style of jean that has many pockets and flared legs from hip to ankle. In addition, if it's truly a carpenter style, there will be a strip of material resembling a belt loop at a diagonal slant, which sits on one or both sides at about hip level and is designed primarily to hold a hammer . It's easy to confuse carpenter jeans with cargo pants, except that cargo legs aren't as wide, and cargos don't sport the hammer loop.

One way to differentiate your carpenter jeans from the run-of-the-mill is to look for styles that add something more stylish, hip or outright wild to the basic design.


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