Friday, April 24, 2009

Know the Perfect Rise for your Torso

It is important to pay close attention to where your pants' waistband rest. It has a great factor on how your favorite designer clothes will fit you. All designers in fashion world like Polo Ralph Lauren consider these factors in creating new styles.

lauren ralph polo

If you're longer from head to waist than from waist to floor or if you have a lot of room between your ribs and hips and your legs are on the short side, you're long-waisted. Wearing high waisted pants with tucked in tops is a great way to make your legs look longer.

Those with longer legs and less distance between ribs and hips are considered short waisted. By wearing pants with a lower rise with untucked shirts can stretch out your torso and make you midsection appear longer.

When your waistband is hitting where it is should bem your legs and torso will appear to be in perfect proportion.

Know the the perfect rise for your body and see the difference. Just be comfortable on anything you wear.


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