Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wear Your Tuxedo

If the evening calls for a black tie event, you don’t have to be afraid to rent one. Renting a tuxedo allows you the pleasure of not spending hundreds for a designer clothes you’ll only wear occasionally and you’ll be able to rent the latest style made by famous designer such as Polo Ralph Lauren. Renting is easier than you think, but knowing how to wear a tuxedo will make you standout as a man who knows how to dress well when the occasion calls for only the best.

Here are some way to wear a tuxedo:

Ties: The first is the pre-tied bow tie. The second is the actual bow tie, which takes a steady hand and a bit of practice. Third, a black tie adds a modern touch to any tux and is best for an evening with a younger crowd.

Shoes: Wear your own black dress shoes, but make sure they are a simple capped toe and polished to a high shine.

Cuff links and shirt studs: Stay with cuff links in silver or stainless steel that don’t attract too much attention.

The biggest mistake men make when wearing a tuxedo is placing the cummerbund around their waist with the pleats facing down.

Types of Tuxedo:

The single-breasted jacket is the all purpose and classic style that will fit all body types and sizes.

double-breasted jacket always looks better on taller men because of its boxy shape and cut.

shawl-collar jacket is an old style of tuxedo and its time has passed.

white dinner jacket is the only thing that will do if you have the luxury of attending a black-tie affair in a tropical climate.

Sometimes still want to go to the party, but we don’t think we should dress up. If you don’t want to wear the appropriate attire, then you might as well stay home. Otherwise, get thee to yonder tux shop and enjoy the fun.


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