Monday, March 16, 2009

How to Wear Red

Red is one of the most versatile of all bright colors. It has long been associated as the color of passionate and sex. It is the color of danger and aggression, the color of sexual predators. It is very famous in any designer clothing, specially for the dress. With this impact in fashion industry most designer such as Polo Ralph Lauren use this color for their designs.

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Make your red wardrobe hot by mixing it with beige, tobacco and fuschia pink. Go for florals or prints rather than a block of solid color. Matching red with black or white is good but boring, and can be harsh on the skin.

Women with porcelain skin and blonde hair, can wear true reds. While deep dramatic reds look good on brown-eyed women and sultry dark-brunettes. Those with olive and darker skin can wear scarlet and orange-based reds. Softer shades of coral or blush red look good on women with a medium complexion, where the skin is neither dark nor light. Once you have learn to make the most of red, find out how to wear other colors that suit your complexion.

Red shades is a hot look, with primary red opaques, with sexy red stilletos or a touch of red lipstick adds sex appeal and attitude to any outfit.


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