Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Trendy Ethnic Designs

Most designers like Polo Ralph Lauren look to different cultures and traditions when it comes to creating designer clothing. This is because they are seen as different and exotic, as most of the things worn in these cultures are based on patterns and images that are not seen in our everyday lives. When it comes to ethnic patterns and inspiration there are generally four consistent areas that inspiration has come from. This article looks at some of the areas that have inspired patterns and clothing styles.

Ralph lauren shopThe main areas where designers go for inspiration are Asia, Africa, South America and indigenous populations where they will use the imagery in costume, such as Aboriginal dress or Native American culture. Today there has been a rise in clothes that have been designed with an ethnic influence. India is one of the obvious places to start from. The traditional Indian block printed fabric provides an excellent base from which to create a whole new style from. Many of the block printing techniques are unchanged over centuries but the addition of machinery and modern dyestuffs has allowed many of the fabrics to be mass produced.

Ethnic clothing gives you a really individual look which suits a range of ages and is easy to wear.


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