Friday, March 6, 2009

Type Of Men's Underwear

When you walk into a shop selling undergarments you will be amazed as well as confused to see the wide variety. At times there can be even chances where you would be loaded with the different kinds of underwear wondering which ones to buy and which one to drop and it is very similar with the situation of any designer clothing. There are many options available as far as the fabrics are also concerned. All the undergarments which have been listed below are available in a variety of fabric options like cotton, polyester and other silk blends. You must also consider what brand suits your preferences such as Polo Ralph Lauren.

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Briefs: It has an elastic wristband at the waist. It is about four inches above the waist that gives full coverage from the waist till the upper thighs and to the entire butt. Briefs has two varieties: the low rise briefs and the high rise briefs. Briefs are mostly preferred by people who need to sit all day long or they are involved much in physical activities.

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Boxers: They are the most classic and the most preferred undergarments. They are lose and the most comfortable garments available in town. These shorts have a straight cut leg opening and they cover a part of the thighs and the entire butt. Boxers are best suited for loosing pants. These are the only undergarments that can be tailored. They are not suited for people who are involved in physical activities.

All these undergarments whether briefs or boxer, provide a good comfort level and a good support to the genitals.


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