Friday, March 13, 2009

Tips In Wearing Yellow and Orange

Color can represent what we feel. Just like yellow, it represents someone who is innovative and idealistic. And orange are for those who are extroverted, adventurous and comprehensive. Nothing looks better against a great summer beach tan than these cheerful happy colors.

Ralph Lauren Womens ClothingJust like any other color, fun and flirty oranges and yellows have always been considered risky colors in women’s designer clothing fashion. Not everyone can carry this look. However, the cheerfulness of these color in the form of accessories or signature pieces made by some fashion designer like Polo Ralph Lauren will brighten up a boring wardrobe.

Orange is really flattering; but be careful not to go over-the-top. There are different shades and hues ranging from mango to lighter shade, and from lighter to heavier shades. This color tend to suit more olive-skinned women, although those with pale skins can go for a lighter, less vibrant shade. This color looks good on women with golden hair and tawny skin. Women with brown hair, brown eyes and olive complexions look wonderful in vibrant mango or tangerine shades. Tropical tones, reminiscent of sunsets, will bring out the color in dark eyes.

Yellow radiates the light and really gets you noticed. And there is enough variation in color tones to match all skin types. Warm, dark golden yellows like honey or caramel best suit those women with blonde hair, dark eyes, and tawny skin tones. These warm undertones lift the complexion, whilst pale pastels can make skin look sallow.

Blonde and light brown-haired women with a lighter skin tone can carry off more lemony, golden tones. Warm yellows, but not too dark, will bring out the flecks of gold in hair, and make blue or green eyes sparkle. Sunny shades of daffodil or lemon need either a very dark or light skin tone. Many pale skins have a cool blue undertone and therefore the warmth of this shade boosts the complexion. Women with dark features generally look dramatic in yellow, as against their skin, it appears elegant rather than ugly.

Be aware that these two color can make your skin look dull if worn with the wrong skin type. Add warmth by choosing a right hue that accentuate your skintone.


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