Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Fashion Sense

Fashion magazine, and new fashions in designer clothes styles has a great impact on us but very few would go out and invest in them. We buy clothes that appeal to our innate sense and we hardly give a passing thought as to why we choose the clothes that we do. Dressing right is more complicated than just putting to pieces of clothing together. Many fashion icon, designers such as Polo Ralph Lauren contribute a lot on everyones fashion sense.

polo ralph lauren

Our dressing habit is influenced by not just our function or job role in the society; it is developed by what we see, feel and experience around us in the course of our life. As we grow and learn to make our own decisions, our sense of dressing evolves and we wear things that make us feel good and help us blend in with our peers.

While individualistic styles are what everybody is talking about, but none of us really like to be so drastic so as to invite unwanted criticism. The common desire is to be able to create a statement without standing out as a different being. This is a very tough task that most of us are trying hard to achieve.

With increasing self-awareness, most of us have also taken up dressing as a weapon of attraction. Our dressing sense is developed by a fair amount of peer pressure and our need to attract others. There is also a certain sexual element in dressing.


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