Friday, March 13, 2009

Tips in Wearing Green

Wearing green represent that you are sensitive about doing the right thing. There is a whole range of rich shades and pastel hues for you to experiment with your designer clothes and accessories. Green is a universal color, the color of the land and trees. It has become a favorite of fashion designers like Polo Ralph Lauren, in its many hues and shades.

Ralph Lauren Womens Clothing

Green is one of the colors that works well on red-heads. Wear a strong green like emerald, olive or forest green to make red hair stand-out. Juicy lime greens are just right for blondes, particularly if they have some warmth in their skin. Lime green is mixed with yellow, so is a good matching tone for blonde hair. Mint green looks dramatic on dark complexion as this strong pastel provides a vivid contrast to the skin tone. Darker shades are too dull or muddy, but strong lighter shades look striking and light up the face.

Choosing the wrong shade of green can do absolutely nothing for your appearance, so select carefully.


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