Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Fashion and Dress Code

The employee has to be presentable and should dress right in wearing their working designer clothes. The dressing protocol is not limited to any single industry that is why different sectors have different set of rules for their employees to dress. The reasons given for the same may be ranging from culture, atmosphere to ethics. It is true that the dressing style vary according to the industry to reflect the culture and work ethics of the workplace.

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Mind it that the attire of an employee of a particular industry speaks volume about the company’s work ethic, image and culture. It adds an impression of professionalism, intelligence and commitment that enhances the overall credibility of the company. Similarly, non adherence to a dress code can send out a message of discredit and incompetence.

But now, many organizations have now realized the fact that younger employee of today is more fashion conscious and experiment a lot with style even with his formal wears. The companies are also waking up to this fact and are flooding the market with formal yet fashionable attire. This reason encouraged different designers like Polo Ralph Lauren to create designs for working clothes.

Dressing perfectly to work everyday is important for the complete look and feel for the employees and the organization.


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