Thursday, March 12, 2009

Preppy Fashion Trend

Polo shirts, striped narrow belts, and leather loafers have been back in designer clothing line for the last several seasons. The new preppy clothing design is best described as casual elegance, and many designer like Polo Ralph Lauren create designs for this trend.

Ralph Lauren polo
Preppy fashion requires keen attention to detail and making sure you don't look too refined. Button up shirts should never be starched; or it's preferable to carry off a look that suggests you grabbed your shirt from a crumpled ball on the floor and put it on.

Getting this style right also means having an awareness of contrast and restraint. Reinvent a classic cardigan by adding a bit of sequin and some gold trim. Update a classic look by using bright colors.

Preppy clothing design is more on casual look.. Try it and see if you will look better on this trend.


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