Friday, March 20, 2009

Hip-Hop Fashion

Hip-hop clothing is a designer clothing trend that many teens and young adults have embraced. It is inspired by the hip-hop music industry, which has its roots in the 1970s in New York City among African Americans. Today, the hip-hop culture has been embraced by teens across racial lines.

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Here are some styles of Urban Hiphop:

Gangsta style: The most popular look for hip-hop style is one that we're all familiar with: low-hanging baggy jeans, shirts with the tails hanging out, over-sized sports jerseys, and untied high-top sneakers. These are combined with bandanas or baseball caps worn backward – sometimes both.

Old-style gangster: Some hip-hop artists look further back in time for their gangster influences, back to the mafia gangsters of the 1930s and 1940s. This style included double-breasted suits, alligator-skin shoes, and silk shirts and ties.

Bling: Hip-hop clothing is also characterized by the ostentatious jewelry worn by hip-hop artists. Gold rope necklaces, large belts with jeweled belt buckles, gold or platinum capped teeth, and bejeweled dog tags are among the accessories of choice. Some artists cap all of their teeth, or wear grills, which are removable jeweled teeth coverings, not unlike braces.

Modern hip-hop: The trends now are for polo shirts, slim jeans, shorter t-shirts to expose jeweled belt buckles, sports coats, and hoodie sweatshirts.

Since hip-hop fashion has been embraced by the mainstream culture. Some designer like Polo Ralph Lauren not only create clothings for casual wear they also design clothing for urban wear.

Hip-hop clothing has influenced modern styles in many different ways, and it is a style that has shown lasting power. It is sure to be around for years to come.


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