Friday, January 16, 2009

Footware to Make You Fashionable

Having trouble in being fashionable? Do you know that footwear can make you look fashionable? You can be by wearing good shoes. It can bring bring more beauty out of yourself and can bring an outfit together. With a pair of good shoes, you can mix and match to any designer clothes to burst out the beauty in you.

Wear conservative pumps of the intermediate size with skirts for work. A round or square toe and a stacked or slightly tapered heel will be more professional.

Here are the Steps:

Pair a long skirt with ankle or the knee-high boots, flat shoes, ballet slippers or backless slip-ons.

For really hard to dress shoes like the type with the exotic prints, colors beaded/sequined, multicoloured, with neon or very decorated, you maintain your wardrobe as neutral.

Don't wear embarrassing combinations such as: fuchsia and black, black and yellow, deep purple and green, and if your not going to a red hat society meeting no red and purple. These color are so bad.

Carry the boots with lengthy, elegant trousers, or the high, strappy sandals with the right and attractive trousers in smooth fabrics.

You can have some knee-high boots with a miniskirt if you the long legs and bold enough.

Do's and Don'ts

- Choose a more comfortable shoes. You can have a loose shoes but not too much loose.

- Have a shoes that have a cushion so that you can relax you feet.

- Avoid tight shoes. It will get your feet some problems.


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