Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Be a Victoria's Secret Model

Have you witnessed the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show? Then you know just how gorgeous, hot, and confident the models are. You can be like them too by reading this article you can now wear any designer clothes you want just like the trendy Polo Ralph Lauren.

Exercise at least 60 minutes a day. You can try kick boxing, jump rope, jogging, and yoga. These are some exercises that a some Victoria's Secret models do to maintain their hot figure. All of these are proven very good and can burn a lot of calories. If exercising tires you out a lot, start from so many minutes a day, and slowly work up to 60 or more.

Apply your makeup in a right way. Put a light foundation, blush, bronzer, lip gloss, eyeshadow in gray and silver for a smoky effect and a ton of mascara! If you can afford eyelash extensions don't hesitate to try them.

Eat healthy. Healthy foods will make you feel and look great. Avoid greasy foods like French fries, and other fastfood restaurant offers to you. Sweets and sugar is also a big No No. Instead prefer fruits, vegetables, complex carbs, and drink a lot of water!

Curly hair do the trick. You can learn it by yourself there are many site in the net that offers a tutorial on how to do it.

Look and feel beautiful with the help of the clothes you wear. Pretty, and hot lingerie? Being a girl you should try it.. Be confident on what you wear.

Additional Tips for you:

You don't have to tan to be pretty! If you do that you could end up having skin cancer in the years to come. And you could get addicted too. There are tons of pale girls out there that are really pretty and right now there are lots of Victoria's Secret models who are pale!

You may attract attention from guys. Showing a lot of skin and being seductive isn't the way to get a boyfriend, and it isn't hot, its just trashy! Being classy is way hotter than trying to be blunt sexy.

Be Confident, that's key for being beautiful. Whatever it is, natural beauty is the best for you


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