Friday, January 30, 2009

Fashion Rules

Fashion rules are the unwritten code that dictates our sense of style. Most of us follow them to the best of our abilities, fearing the reactions of the fashion police.

While fashion continues to develop, the rules are updated too. Check out these rules and judge.

Same color for your Jewelry

One of the older rules that have begun to ignored by fashionistas. Yes, mixing the elements gives a more traditional look, but isn't modern always better? You can always pair a piece that combines silver with gold designs to pull the look together if you plan to wear both.

Stockings should be flesh toned or match your shoes

There is big factor of sheer, flesh toned stockings or matching your stocking to your shoes. However, fishnets and colorful tights can add a funky splash of fun to any outfit.

Own a traditional suit

One of the rule that will never expire and most professional settings still endorse the suit, and while the rules are roomy in terms of what bottom to pair with that jacket, a suit is always a great investment. Pants add a modern feel to the traditional suit, but designers have attempted to update skirts with interesting detailing. Moderately priced suits are available from good designers like Polo Ralph Lauren, or go for the classic with a timeless Armani suit. Pair with a great button down shirt to create that clean silhouette.

Less is more when talking about makeup

Day time makeup is still basic and neutral. Night time is when the glam gods come out. And you can always follow this basic rule: for day wear play up either your eyes or mouth for evening wear feel free to do both.

Belts make you look fat

Belts are one of the perfect accessory. If belt loops are present and visible wear a belt! Low slung jeans and naval bearing tops have made belt loops more visible and belts are still conspicuously absent. Belts pull and outfit together and you can have fun with your belt. Try wearing it over a dress or long top. If you wear your belts in a wrong way this will make you look fat..

Personal style is the main factor in fashion. Sometimes, breaking the rules is what it takes to create that style. keep in mind this most important rule-and one that will never expire-- is to be comfortable with what you wear. Personality should never be controlled by the trends.


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