Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Belts for Women

Belt is one of the trendsetter for women fashion clothing. It is not just a necessity but act as a major fashion accessories and can live up any garment not only for women but also for men. A trendy women’s belt can easily change a gloomy dress to an extremely fetching one. You can use belt in different ways to achieve its maximum benefit. Belts can be styled from a number of materials and can be bought at malls or boutiques and in designer clothing online shops too.

Women’s belt are made of of either cloth, leather, stones, metal. Simple design or decorated with some materials like threads, precious stones, sequins, cloth, trendy buckles and etc. Base your trend in the season, belt can be worn anywhere as the wearer wishes and not only on the waist. Women’s belt emphasizes the figure of the wearer and makes her look very stylish and trendy.

You can worn the belt on your torso, under your bust line and of course on the natural waistline. Many appreciate wide belts as this emphasize the sexy curves. They also create an effect of thinning down a women’s body. They give an illusion of a corset, since they wrap the entire body. So, the wide belts are usually made of material that can be stretched like cloth strengthen with Lycra or woven leathers with silk and satin. Women’s belt can comfortably resist all the stretching and bending during the course of the day and will still remain as good as ever.

Women’s belts have become innovative and creative compared before. Skinny belts are worn for the effect that they give. The skinny women’s belts are usually made of strips of leather, chain of links or metallic finish cloth. They decorate trendy dresses and meant to emphasize the clothes that one is wearing. Belts are also worn just below the bust line and this gives added sex appeal factor to a women. They emphasize the cleavage and give it a perfect and prominent look.

It’s important to choose a belt keeping in mind your own body shape and consider the one that compliments you not to down you.


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