Thursday, January 15, 2009

Fashion Victim?

Are you a person who crosses the boundaries of fashion and style like taking the fashion too far or are you wearing too many trends at once and therefore taking the look from the glamourous to the ridiculous? Are you a person who usually loves designer clothes, regardless of fit or personal style and who will wear something because it's a trend? Then no doubt you are a fashion victim. They become victims because they are intensely fashionable for a short time and when you change your look too much from season to season.

Here's how to avoid it:

Decide if you're spending too much money on fashion by checking the last five items you've purchased.
If you have three or more items for the season's "must-haves," you are more likely to be a fashion victim.
Check your closet to see if more than half of your clothes is already out of style according to your favorite fashion sources.
Ask yourself if you are purchasing fashion clothes because you really like them or you use them like a fashion security blanket.
If you think you always buy all of it because you really like them, you should stop there because you are lying.
Never mix one trend to another.
Call your item in normal way not on their brands.
Before purchasing your next item, decide if you'd like the item even without the signature logo: if yes, then buy it.
Sunglasses are for outdoors, avoid using it in indoors.

There's nothing wrong in following fashion trends just don't over do it. Fashion should be more personal. Wear something you are comfortable with least expectation in mixing your clothes. Don't wear something because somebody says you should or you are just following the trend.

Just express yourself.

source: How To Avoid Being a Fashion Victim


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