Friday, July 25, 2014

Personalized Share A Coke Shirts Showcased by Bench and Coca-Cola

There’s a saying, sharing is caring. This is something that rings true among Filipinos, whether we’re among family, friends, and even acquaintances. Coca-Cola’s Share A Coke campaign finally makes it to the Philippines after taking over 50 countries worldwide by storm. The campaign, where Coca-Cola prints the most popular Pinoy nicknames, terms of endearment, and group names on Coke bottles, was officially launched last Saturday, July 12 at the Mega Fashion Hall in SM Megamall. 
Marketing director of Coca-Cola Philippines Jasmin Vinculado said, “We brought Share A Coke to the Philippines with one goal—to share happiness. Sharing a Coke is a simple yet fun and exciting way for us Filipinos to be able to show our appreciation to people who make us happy. For mothers who cook our breakfast every day, for the fathers who drop off their children to school every morning, for the friends who listen to our never-ending problems, for the manang who serves our food in the cafeteria, for the manong who opens the door for us and wishes us a great day with his bright smile, for everyone who has shown us kindness—we would like to share a Coke with them simply because we know that happiness is made more real when shared.”
Among the event’s highlights was a celebration of the long-standing partnership between Coca-Cola and Philippine Fashion clothing brand Bench. Staying true to the essence of the campaign, Vinculado, on behalf of Coca-Cola, shared a Coke with Ben Chan, Chairman and CEO of Bench.
This was followed by a fashion show, where models clad in stylized Share A Coke shirts showcased their personalized Coca-Cola bottles and cans on the catwalk, at the same time entertaining and interacting with co-models and guests alike by showing them the many ways of sharing a Coke.
Coca-Cola Happiness ambassadors Joseph Marco, Julia Montes, and Enchong Dee gave the audience a blast by sharing personalized Coke cans bearing terms of endearment “Crush,” “Hottie,” and “Love” to some unsuspecting guests.
 The event hoped to inspire its attendees to take a second to show some gratitude for the small, everyday gestures that otherwise go unnoticed. The personalized Coke packs are available in sari-sari stores, convenience stores, groceries, supermarkets, and vending machines nationwide. You may also drop by Share A Coke booths in select supermarkets, malls, and schools to have your own personalized Coca-Cola printed in an instant.

For more information, go to or visit the official accounts of Coca-Cola Philippines on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram


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