Friday, March 28, 2014

Solo's Summer Collection 2014 Feat. Solo Online Model Search 2013 Grand Winners

Summer is slowly kicking in!  Are you ready? No fuss! Solo's Summer Collection 2014 is up to complete your summer essentials and set your summer vibes high! Solo's Summer Collection 2014 is composed of wide-range swim wear pieces that cater to different types of young. Boasting variety of looks for Him and Her such as tribal prints, floral patterns, retro feels, and solid colors strategically placed on bandeau, bikini tops and high-waisted bottoms creating fun statement, the Summer Collection 2014 is sure to tick off your checklist complete with flattering cover ups and stylish eyewear for ladies and gents to complement the hot season!
The hot collection features this year’s Solo Online Model Contest Grand Winners, Renee Soraya Hassani and John Edward Custodio who stood out among almost a hundred hopeful ladies and gents! The pair got to do a photo shoot directed and photographed by hot Philippine Fashion photog Doc Marlon. 
Renee, 22 recently finished Interior Design at Philippine School of Interior Design, now part of their family business and still wants to pursue modeling, an unlikely path for her, while John Edward, 21 is set to fulfill his dreams of being an actor by venturing to a strong stepping stone which is modeling. When asked about the experience, both quipped that they learned a lot from Doc Marlon and were very inspired to improve their craft and be the face of Solo to the youth. “I want to contribute among the wide varieties of beauty our world has come to define today,” Renee said.
No matter how challenging the path to their dreams is, these two still showed genuine interest and willingness to learn from the best and leave a mark to today’s generation along with the brand that fits their street-smart and quirky personality; these two are epitomes of a Solo lady and gent ready to take over the summer sun, sand and the world. 
Make sure to brush those summer jitters away and conquer the hot season in tribal or floral prints fromthis year’s one-stop summer shop! Too busy? Shop online, it’s easy and reliable!
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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Penshoppe: Philippine Fashion Retailer to dress up Middle East

Clothing retail chain Penshoppe, a brand of Cebu, Philippine Fashion company Golden ABC, said it is going to expand further into the Middle East as part of an “aggressive expansion programme” and will open up to 10 new stores in the region in the near future.
The company, which is seemingly following the footsteps of the large Filipino diaspora in the Middle East, is eyeing Qatar, Kuwait, Oman and Jordan for the expansion in addition to its current presence of 10 stores in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and the UAE.

The new stores are planned to materialise through investments of local partners with whom the firm is currently negotiating, said Golden ABC’s chief executive officer Bernie Liu. Planned locations are Doha, Kuwait City, Muscat, as well as Amman and Aqaba.

Penshoppe is one of the most popular retailers of so-called ready-to-wear fashion in the Philippines where it currently operates around 600 outlets. Abroad, the number of stores is currently 25 and should rise to over 50 in the coming five years as part of Golden ABC’s “ambition to globalise its business and become the most admired Asian fashion brands company,” as Liu put it.

Due to the heavy concentration of Filipinos in Saudi Arabia, the number of stores there should rise the most to around 30 by 2018, the company said in an earlier statement.

While it mainly addresses overseas Filipinos, it also strives to reach out to the local population. For example, when Penshoppe started in 2010 in Saudi Arabia, the share of revenue made with Filipino customers was around 95%, but later dropped to around 65% as locals quickly got familiar with the new clothing brand.

Other countries for expansion include Indonesia and Cambodia, the company said, while it wants to open another 25 new stores domestically. Later on, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam and even Australia are on the cards.

Golden ABC was founded in 1986 in Cebu and has since grown to one of the largest clothing retailers in the Philippines. Its brand include, besides Penshoppe, Oxygen, ForMe, Memo, Regatta, Tyler and its direct selling subsidiary Red Logo. None of the latter brands are included in the expansion abroad yet, though.

Penshoppe is an interesting and not-so-common example for entrepreneurship turned global success in the Philippines. The parent company Golden ABC started in 1986 as a family garment business producing T-shirts for company giveaways. Later on, they began developing their own T-shirt designs, embarked on producing other types of clothes and eventually introduced their own casual fashion brands at affordable prices.

This strategy, unknown then in the Philippines until the advent of foreign casual-fashion outlets in recent years, has proven very successful and led to sales growth in double-digit percentage figures over the years and a strong brand recognition domestically and from the Filipino community overseas supported by advertisements featuring well-known Filipino celebrity models. And exactly this brand recognition abroad is the powder that now fires Penshoppe’s Middle East expansion.
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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Moda Filipina: The Ladies Who Rocked Fashion

In Ayala Alabang, a great number of fair ladies are involved in activities that promote a greater cause for society. Some of them join a group devoted to uplifting culture, while others are active in raising funds for the less fortunate.
One example of a dynamic lady is Mimi Valerio. On social occasions, Mimi is almost omnipresent—whether it’s in a chi-chi sosyalan or in a religious get-together. (Let’s also not forget that she’s the brains behind the widely popular Saint James Bazaar in Ayala Alabang!)
Moda Filipina, provided an out-of-this-world approach to Philippine Fashion presentations. Instead of having models such as Ria Bolivar rule the runway, the event allowed the officers and members of the Friends for Cultural Concerns of the Philippines, Inc. (FCCP) the opportunity to strut their stuff onstage. They were fearless, like spring chickens! It’s amazing how these seniors rocked it!
These women were sensational. Unforgettable! With choreography by Raymond Villanueva, these ladies (composed of brave mothers and grandmas) showed to us, the ecstatic crowd, that they still had what it took to be at par with the likes of Marina Benipayo, who still does modeling stints for Philippine Fashion Week.

Here are pictures of some of the women who caught my attention, as captured by my own digital camera, whether onstage or among the audience. Congratulations, audacious ladies!
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Monday, March 17, 2014

Cultural Exhibit Highlights Philippine Fashion in Canada

Distinguished guests from the diplomatic community were treated to a unique fashion show on Philippine culture.
The ladies of the Asia-Pacific Diplomatic Group were wowed with a fashion show about the evolution of Philippine Fashion hosted by Debbie Gatan, the wife of Philippine Ambassador Leslie Gatan.

"This is fashion from a cultural perspective. Like how our Philippine attires have evolved from the pre-Hispanic to the Hispanic period and onto the modern wraps which is very very popular," she said.

The evolution of Philippine fashion was shown from the pre-colonial era to the Spanish period with the baro't saya, the mestiza dresses and ternos with butterfly sleeves of the American period, and the modern Filipiniana styles of today.

Many, like Penny Tucker, the wife of the ambassador of New Zealand, were impressed with the different styles showcased.

"I think that the clothes were absolutely beautiful. I like two things in particular. One is the way that all of the layers work together so you can see how you can do different things with the same garments, and I thought it was beautiful too the way that the light comes off the fabric because it's slightly shiny. So the whole thing is vivid and cheerful," Tucker said.

The cultural exhibit also showcased different fabrics from various parts of the Philippines and dolls in diverse Filipiniana attire.

With the fashion show, Mrs. Gatan hopes to encourage kababayans to wear Filipiniana clothing more often and to encourage foreigners to buy from Filipino artisans.

The outfits that were modeled were from the personal collection of the Philippine embassy staff.

The intimate affair showcased the craftsmanship of Filipino artisans, the different textiles used and showed Filipino culture at its finest.
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Friday, March 14, 2014

The Latest Brand Ambassadors of BUM Equipment Revealed

Stars do not just play the part. They also look and dress the part. Thus, snagging endorsements for a clothing line is common among them.
This explains the inclusion of Diego Loyzaga and Jane Oineza as the latest brand ambassadors of BUM, along with Nash Aguas, Ella Cruz and Bea Binene. BUM is one of Diego and Jane’s biggest endorsements so far. Jane has done print ads in the past.

“I’m part of Mirabella,” Diego shares what will keep him busy in the coming days. “It will premiere end of (the month); I’ll be joining Julia Barretto, Enrique Gil and Sam Concepcion.” The son of Cesar Montano and Teresa Loyzaga will take a breather from his laid-back life in Australia, where most of his relatives are based.

As for Jane, she is seen on A.S.A.P. and its segment Chill-Out every Sunday. “I did Muling Buksan Ang Puso which ended sometime in (October) last year. I’m doing something new,” she says. Although the project is still in the works, Jane cannot contain her excitement. There are also rumors that she will join LUV U.

Away from the klieg lights, Diego went to school in Australia and finished his high school education. “I’m now entering college,” he adds. If people see him “getting in and out of showbiz,” the Star Magic talent clarifies, it’s because of his Australian citizenship. “I need to go back there in a year.”

Where is show business in his life now? “I’m more focused now on showbiz,” Diego replies. “It’s 100-percent showbiz.” Aside from acting, fans hope to see him play the guitar and perform some tunes like his actor-director dad does. With Mirabella and BUM on his list of assignments, taking a breather is all worth it for Diego.   

Meantime, Diego and Jane will take the lead in spreading the newest BUM campaign called “Unleash Your RealiTEE.” It brings to the fore such ideas as “Change is constant, which is also a means for survival,” “Breaking free and unleashing one’s real identity,” and “Stepping out from the shadows of conventional and mainstream Philippine Fashion.” Still sticking to its edgy, grunge, Goth-inspired style, BUM offers new items (like polo) in vibrant, cool colors that are wearable.     

“It doesn’t stick to one theme anymore,” says Diego about the clothing line, which is also exploring the street wear fashion. “It’s about (unleashing) your reality.”

“When it’s needed, I wear dresses,” says Jane. “I wear something comfy as my everyday wear. It’s (a piece of clothing like T-shirt, pants or jacket that allows) me to move freely. Every person is different and has his own clothing preference. Clothes tell the personality of an individual.” Thus, clothes go beyond its utilitarian purpose.

If ever one wonders why young Kapamilya stars are well-groomed and well-dressed, it’s because they have fashion stylists in ASAP, Jane says. It’s not surprising why they always look the part.

(Check out Bum’s Summer Collection at the department stores near you. For details, log on to or follow its Twitter account at @officialbumph.)
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Thursday, March 13, 2014

"I Made It!” The First Annual Sew Easy For Kids Fashion Show 2014

Sew Easy For Kids, in partnership with Brother International Philippines, is proud to present the first Philippine Fashion show of its kind where little girls will be modeling the clothes that they themselves sewed together! These young girls, age 8 to 16 years old, will be strutting on the cat walk to present their sewing creations in front of their family, relatives and friends. After 9 months of stitching fun at Sew Easy studio, the kids will finally present their Lounge Wear and Casuals Collection which will feature pajamas, shorts, and night shirts, as well as denim skirts, square and round neck blouses, cargo capris and peasant blouse, and many others.
Sew Easy marks its first year this March 2014, and it is only fitting to celebrate the milestone in this 2-hour event. The fashion show is an annual culminating activity to cap the school year for all Sew Easy For Kids students. Our main sponsor is Brother International Philippines who will be displaying their sewing machines during the event. Also partnering with us is California Advanced Nail and Skincare (CANS) who will be polishing the kids’ nails with cute nail art, and will be raffling off gift certificates during the show. Claire’s will be providing fashion accessories to coordinate with the kids’ outfits on stage, and McDonald’s will be taking care of the kids’ lunch. MeanGreen is our marketing partner and Alabang Town Center is our host for this unique and exciting event.
Sew Easy is a new concept sewing studio in BF Homes Parañaque City, where kids as young as 8 years old, as well as teens and adults, learn the basics of sewing. The students are taught how to sew using a sewing machine, work with paper patterns and fabric, and they learn basic techniques on how to construct and sew adorable accessories and wearable garments. 
Sew Easy Sewing Studio is owned and operated by Anne Ordoñez-del Rosario, a graphic designer who loves to teach sewing especially to kids. The studio opened in April 2013 and took in eager learners who brought home their first sewing projects with pride and excitement. Teacher Anne has developed her own curriculum which teaches the basics of this endearing life skill in a systematic way, and she has tailor-fit her teaching style to both young and old. The method of instruction is hands-on and practical and the studio has a relaxing ambiance that makes for a great environment for learning. Since the studio opened, Teacher Anne has taught about 100 students, and she hopes to be able to teach more. Sewing is an “old but new” life skill and Teacher Anne’s desire is to bring it back and teach it to the young ones so that they can embrace it and eventually pass it on to the next generation.
Brother International Philippines (home sewing machine brand) is in full support of Sew Easy Sewing Studio, and together, they are slowly but surely making sewing available to all who want to learn and own the skill, and making it achievable and fun for kids. Brother sewing machines are the easiest to use that even a child can confidently stitch away and create wonderful projects. Sew Easy For Kids will have summer camps starting April 1 through May 29. Please visit the website for details.

Form more info about them here are their references and links;
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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Brave and Bold - Dockers' Spring/Summer 2014 Collection

Dockers' Spring/Summer 2014 Collection appeals to young and sophisticated men who go for style and comfort and refuse to give up one for the other. Known for revolutionizing casual wear for over twenty five years now, the brand has been introducing innovative designs that embody style, quality and the authentic spirit of San Francisco's cultural diversity since its creation in 1986.
Staying true to its Northern California roots, Dockers injects elements that highlight the distinct character of its birthplace to its latest designs, which are included in its Alpha collection. And this season, the brand comes up with yet another range of menswear--a series that presents a bolder and braver look, using splashes of colors, daring cuts, fabrics, and fine details that take a slight turn from the neutral tones and traditional style which are usually associated with chinos and other pieces that make up a man's wardrobe.

Offering a head-to-toe look, Dockers' Spring/Summer Alpha Collection 2014 is decidedly more casual, featuring interesting fabrics and textures such as seersucker and madras inspired plaids, nautical prints and acid camouflage patterns. It also offers stylish pant cuts like skinny, slim fit, and slim tapered, giving men of all ages a wide range of fashionable options. The cool and trendy selection from the collection is carried over to shorts and tops, allowing men to mix and match and express their personal style and flair in their everyday wear.
Combining comfort and class without taking away the fun in dressing up, the Alpha collection is the perfect getup for the season, And with all of Dockers' Latest Philippine Fashion offerings, there couldn't be a better timing than 2014 for men to dress with conviction, confidence and determination.

For information, visit
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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Giordano Concepts Opens Flagship Store in Manila

Offering distinctly designed wardrobe basics from Korea, Giordano Concepts offers pieces that are sourced, cut, and produced meticulously to meet the satisfaction of those who require good silhouette, fit, fabrication, and subtlety in detail in terms of Philippine Fashion. “Giordano Concepts was created primarily to cater to the sophisticated set who are looking for high-quality items that suit their lifestyle and personality,” said Lloyd Lim, Giordano Philippines’ VP for Business Development.
Giordano Concepts also launches its Cabin Fever collection, which showcases basic pieces such long-sleeved shirts in cotton oxford, poplin, cotton twill, and cotton denim that range from muted pastel to jewel-toned to rich, dark colors. Ramp up one’s comfort and style quotient with pullovers in rayon linen and wool polyester acrylic can; add structure and edge to every outfit with the collection’s classic mock neck jacket or some casual street style with dark, polished hoodies.
Complete the relaxed weekend-getaway look with wrinkle-free twill pants in slim, pencil, and regular fits. Meanwhile, cotton chambray pants add a casual yet dressed up look to any outfit, whether for work or play. Giordano offers women short and long sleeved tees in scoop neck and v-neck, while oversized pull-over sweaters provide layering options with a touch of feminine flair. Printed sleeveless tees and jersey boxy print tees allows one to express one’s personality; pair them with Giordano’s quilted jackets in dark colors for a glamour upgrade. If you are gearing up for the summer season, these soft tees are perfect for laid-back vacations. Complete the look with multi-colored jeggings, spandex rayon pants, or hot shorts.

“When it comes to comfortable dressing, the ultimate aim of Giordano Concepts is to give our customers choices that has a touch of glamour and class. This will be always be at the core from this first collection to the succeeding ones,” Lim said. “Giordano Concepts collections are perfect for the dressed-up casual look our customers love.”

Giordano Concepts is located at the third floor of the New Fashion Hall, SM Megamall
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Monday, March 10, 2014

Philippine Fashion Designers on Exhibit in London

Fashion Philippines once again brought Manila Wear to the International Fashion Showcase (IFS) in London. The showcase provides the public, including international press and buyers, the opportunity to discover new collections, making it the best venue for the designers’ international exposure.
As the Philippines’ premier fashion brand, Manila Wear is a comfortably unstructured tropical and resort collection, vibrantly colored, and richly embellished translated in bags, jewelry, and other accessories. Using local materials developed into fresh ideas by young designers from the country, it evokes Philippine tradition and modern culture. High—quality craftsmanship that is truly Filipino.

“The strength of the Philippine Fashion industry lies with the designers’' ingenious use of homegrown materials, creating truly innovative designs that have an international appeal. The works of this year’s exhibitors perfectly encapsulates all that, producing distinctive tropical and resort wear,” said Rosvi Gaetos, Center for International Trade Expositions and Missions executive director

Six Manila Wear designer talents showcased their artistry:

Jun Artajo from Davao is known for his extensive use of local textiles. He brings texture to his couture dresses and accessories by using materials such as t’nalak fabric, jute and abaca, and reimagining them for the contemporary audience
Steadily making a name for herself, Tipay Caintic, one of the youngest designers, imaginative use of fabric, particularly knit, has resulted in fashion pieces and accessories defined by its unexpected structures.

French-Filipino designer Olivia d’Aboville creates jewelry pieces and accessories that are often inspired by the ocean. Taking ordinary objects such as monofilament fishing lines and stainless steel, she transforms them into delicate fashion pieces that exude sensitivity to the water's natural movement.

Joel Escober is known for his romantic designs, particularly in bridal wear. His couture dresses and gowns and fashion accessories exude the same sensibility, achieved through his trademark application of heavy textures and bold embellishments.

In the name of sustainability and social responsibility, Adante Leyesa’s accessories and bags are made in partnership with local communities. Leyesa uses locally sourced organic materials such as weaves, woods, semi-precious stones, tiny beads, and metal chains to create delicate yet elaborate fashion pieces

With no formal training in fashion and a background in biology, Ken Samudio started Matthew & Melka, a luxury brand of headpieces, hats, and accessories. His street-style and quirky headpieces and accessories are quite popular with local celebrities.

The Philippine exhibition was organized by the CITEM and the Garments and Textile Industry Development Office (GTIDO) of the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), in cooperation with the Philippine Trade and Investment Center (PTIC), the Philippine Embassy in London, and the British Fashion Council.
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Friday, March 7, 2014

Rajo Laurel, Cherie Gil, and Bart Guingona to Bring the Late Great Fashion Visionary Diana Vreeland Back To Life.

“I’m not talking about lots of clothes,” clarified the late great Vogue editor Diana Vreeland shortly after she said that “You gotta have style. It helps you get down the stairs. It helps you get up in the morning.”
Still, apart from those keen on getting up close and personal with the larger-than-life character, it is people interested in fashion who will troop to the Carlos P. Romulo Theater at the RCBC Plaza, as actor Cherie Gil transforms into Diana Vreeland on March 14 at the gala premiere of the one-woman play Full Gallop written by Mary Louise Wilson and Mark Hampton, a joint offering in the Philippines by Cherie Gil’s My Own Mann Productions and Actor’s Actors, under the direction of Bart Guingona.
While the lead’s acting chops can keep the play from turning into nothing better than a memory, a vague recollection of more glamorous days, it was godsend that barely a month before its run, Full Gallop sprinted toward Philippine Fashion designer Rajo Laurel, to whom Vreeland was “a great influence.” It would be interesting to see our generation of designers interpret that D.V. style, whimsical, capricious, a little over the edge, and madly original.
The run is limited, with a gala night premiere on March 14, regular performances on March 15 and 21 at 8 p.m., and matinees on March 16 and 23 at 4 p.m. But this constraint is a challenge that Rajo has turned into a great opportunity. “In the play, Mrs. Vreeland does not actually have any costume changes,” says the designer. “I felt a wee bit bad about this as I prepared so many options so the director and I decided to have a different costume each night. These costumes will represent a different facet of Mrs. Vreeland and give everyone a fresh feeling during every performance. We have Mrs. Vreeland coming from work, dressed for a relaxing evening at home or something more extravagant and dramatic.”
When Rajo was a design student, he was “completely obsessed” with Vreeland. “I feel connected to her love of paradoxes and the dramatic flair and yet she was quite proper and restrained,” he says. “I love her confidence and her commitment to her vision. I love her love for the color red and that, although she was not ‘traditionally’ beautiful she used this to her full advantage. I am also quite fascinated by her hands and the way they moved as she punctuated her statements. For the play, I tried to fantasize what Mrs. Vreeland would be thinking and feeling at any given point.”
Because Cherie Gil is just as larger-than-life as the character she is poised to portray in Full Gallop, does Rajo have any difficulty deciding whether she is dressing one or the other? “In the play set in 1971, Mrs. Vreeland was considerably older than Cherie is now, so we had to think about what would be appropriate given the difference in ages,” he says. “That’s basically it. Apart from that we just had a blast referencing Mrs. Vreeland’s iconic key pieces like her boar tooth pendant and Verdura cuffs. I think Cherie would give an amazing performance! She is a genius on stage and I think she would make Mrs. Vreeland very proud!”
On this page are some of the sketches with which Rajo worked to capture the strength of character as well as the savoir-faire and the joie-de-vivre that makes both Vreeland and Gil tick as public figures charged to tickle the imagination of the great many.
“Mrs. Diana Vreeland is very relevant today because she created a strong awareness of fashion and how this was important to everyone,” says Rajo. “It was her verve and fearlessness that gave us these powerful images that have remained in our minds and defined not only the era she was in but also our world today, as she saw it then. Her vision created a modern mind shift [that led to] what we have today.  In my mind and heart because of Mrs. Vreeland’s work, her legacy of fashion and art is still very much alive.”
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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Global Brand Teams Up With Philippine Fashion Industry Icons

Raising its philosophy of hair meet wardrobe, Toni & Guy selected five stylemeisters, all well-known in the Philippine Fashion industry to represent each of the brand’s style collections. Each individual worked with top stylist and Toni & Guy visionaire, Pam Quiñones and renowned photographer, Mark Nicdao to interpret the Toni & Guy vision of dressing from the head, down.
Boom Sason, Vania Romoff, Cat Antonio, Jo Ann Bitagcol, and Robbie Becroft embodied Toni & Guy’s Casual, Classic, Glamour, and Men’s collections, respectively. From beads to belted corsets, teased coifs and tight curls, the five dressed in top-to-toe style, while bringing their personalities into the mix.

“We chose different people who best reflected the different Toni & Guy collections,” said Pam. “We considered those who would best match these ranges, and allowed them to express their personalities through their hairstyle.”

Mark also shared his perspective on the shoot, “We worked around what Toni & Guy could do, when it comes to hair,” he says. “This shoot gives you an idea of how to use the ranges, that these hair products work best with these personalities, and you can even mix it up.”

Style maven, Cat Antonio, who represented the Glamour range, was highly honored to be a part of the creative event. “It's a very humbling yet wonderful experience to work with the best in the industry,” she said.

“It’s not everyday you get to do something for a brand you believe in and I’m a big fan of Toni & Guy Hair,” said Boom Sason.

Likewise, Creative collection representative and photographer-model, Jo Ann Bitagcol enjoyed her time on set.

Model Robbie Becroft had nothing but praise for the Men’s collection, which he posed for. “Their hair products have been very helpful when it comes to styling my strong, thick hair and creating my personal look."

Well-known fashion designer, Vania Romoff also expressed her love for Toni & Guy and talked about how it contributes to her take on Classic style, “Real style takes everything into consideration and this is what Toni & Guy pushes for,” she said. “Hair is a part of you, your personality, and it adds a lot to fashion, more than you can imagine.”
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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Philippine Fashion Shines on Oscar Red Carpet

Three Philippine Fashion Designers made waves on the red carpet during the recently concluded 86th Academy Awards.
John Legend’s wife, Chrissy Teigen, wore Monique Lhuillier’s black flowing gown with fuchsia flowers all over the train, which she highlighted in her Fall/Winter collection during the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.
Academy Award winning co-director of “Frozen,” Jennifer Lee, wore Oliver Tolentino’s black textured velvet gown with hand-beaded lace top and accented with Swarovski crystals.

The first female director of a Disney feature, Jennifer was proud of her Oliver Tolentino gown. She told us why she chose Oliver especially after writing a witty piece in the LA Times about the travails of a female director nominee, which is working the red carpet.

The petite and charming director said, “I saw he had made this dress and it was everything I could ever dream of. He's an amazing talent. He was very gentle with one who was overwhelmed with the red carpet, took care of me. So I'm very grateful to him and honored that he let me wear this.”

Asked about her collaboration with Filipino-American Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez especially in regard to how popular the song “Let It Go” has become in terms of videos, tributes and parodies online, Jennifer said, “Well, we worked together with them every day via video conference for a few hours a day for about 14 months and we'd work on the script with them as much as the songs.”

“I mean, they wrote the songs. I did not say we did that. We went back and forth and ‘Let It Go’ for us was a game changer. When we heard that, we knew that we could do something very special with Elsa and we rewrote the movie. So we understood and really felt the emotional power of that song and we're so happy for them,” she added.
As for the plan to make the “Frozen” musical, Jennifer revealed, “We're in the very early stages of development. We're still opening the film, as we say. We are opening in Japan and then we're going to take a little break and then start looking at it. But, yeah.”

Aside from Jennifer, Oliver also dressed up the wife of Oscar nominee, producer Richard Suckle of “American Hustle,” Maia Suckle for Oscar night in an off-shoulder fetching blue gown. Fil-Am fashion designer Alexis “Bong” Monsanto was also on the red carpet as KTLA TV’s fashion commentator.

On the other hand, Dubai-based Michael Cinco, who did gowns for Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Christina Aguilera, Jennifer Lopez and other Hollywood stars, also created our Oscar black beaded gown, which was complimented by no less than Hollywood veteran journalist Jeanne Wolf, and other guests at the Oscars. 
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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Swedish Clothing House invades Philippine Fashion

J.Lindeberg is a relatively new clothing company founded in Sweden by Johann Lindeberg. They are most famous for being worn by golf stars like Jesper Parnevik and Anna Rawson, an LPGA golfer. Sweden is also the home country of clothing brand H&M, which stands for Hennes and Mauritz, that has gained iconic leaps in the retail industry.
Lindeberg’s sleek, functional style hit the Manila menswear scene, showcasing a fresh take for a new set of folk. Powered by innovative fabrics, sports-conscious cuts, and a forward take on fashion, the label presented select pieces from its Fall/Winter ’13 line in a unique show.
Designed to meet and support optimum performance both on and off the golf course, J.Lindeberg apparel also displays slim cuts and impeccable workmanship. Moisture wicking capabilities, sweat-proof fabric, and all-weather textiles cater to golf-pros while finely-tailored pants and tops cater to the dapper gentleman. Host Tricia Centenera expounded more on the label’s philosophy, discussing the architectural concept of their latest line, The Experience.

Vinyl puff jackets, dyed denim, and velveteen corduroy dinner jackets took on vivid colors, capturing the breathtaking Swedish landscape. The collection also took on elements from the famed Stockholm City Library with an abundance of geometric and linear details. Casual and evening options were also presented, giving guests a taste of J.Lindeberg’s versatility. Stockholm has several monuments like its royal castle, which will hopefully be showcased on the brand’s future designs.

A unique study in standout style, the J.Lindeberg Fall/Winter collection is currently available in Philippine Fashion at SM Aura Premiere and Powerplant Mall, Rockwell.
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