Thursday, March 6, 2014

Global Brand Teams Up With Philippine Fashion Industry Icons

Raising its philosophy of hair meet wardrobe, Toni & Guy selected five stylemeisters, all well-known in the Philippine Fashion industry to represent each of the brand’s style collections. Each individual worked with top stylist and Toni & Guy visionaire, Pam Quiñones and renowned photographer, Mark Nicdao to interpret the Toni & Guy vision of dressing from the head, down.
Boom Sason, Vania Romoff, Cat Antonio, Jo Ann Bitagcol, and Robbie Becroft embodied Toni & Guy’s Casual, Classic, Glamour, and Men’s collections, respectively. From beads to belted corsets, teased coifs and tight curls, the five dressed in top-to-toe style, while bringing their personalities into the mix.

“We chose different people who best reflected the different Toni & Guy collections,” said Pam. “We considered those who would best match these ranges, and allowed them to express their personalities through their hairstyle.”

Mark also shared his perspective on the shoot, “We worked around what Toni & Guy could do, when it comes to hair,” he says. “This shoot gives you an idea of how to use the ranges, that these hair products work best with these personalities, and you can even mix it up.”

Style maven, Cat Antonio, who represented the Glamour range, was highly honored to be a part of the creative event. “It's a very humbling yet wonderful experience to work with the best in the industry,” she said.

“It’s not everyday you get to do something for a brand you believe in and I’m a big fan of Toni & Guy Hair,” said Boom Sason.

Likewise, Creative collection representative and photographer-model, Jo Ann Bitagcol enjoyed her time on set.

Model Robbie Becroft had nothing but praise for the Men’s collection, which he posed for. “Their hair products have been very helpful when it comes to styling my strong, thick hair and creating my personal look."

Well-known fashion designer, Vania Romoff also expressed her love for Toni & Guy and talked about how it contributes to her take on Classic style, “Real style takes everything into consideration and this is what Toni & Guy pushes for,” she said. “Hair is a part of you, your personality, and it adds a lot to fashion, more than you can imagine.”
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