Monday, March 17, 2014

Cultural Exhibit Highlights Philippine Fashion in Canada

Distinguished guests from the diplomatic community were treated to a unique fashion show on Philippine culture.
The ladies of the Asia-Pacific Diplomatic Group were wowed with a fashion show about the evolution of Philippine Fashion hosted by Debbie Gatan, the wife of Philippine Ambassador Leslie Gatan.

"This is fashion from a cultural perspective. Like how our Philippine attires have evolved from the pre-Hispanic to the Hispanic period and onto the modern wraps which is very very popular," she said.

The evolution of Philippine fashion was shown from the pre-colonial era to the Spanish period with the baro't saya, the mestiza dresses and ternos with butterfly sleeves of the American period, and the modern Filipiniana styles of today.

Many, like Penny Tucker, the wife of the ambassador of New Zealand, were impressed with the different styles showcased.

"I think that the clothes were absolutely beautiful. I like two things in particular. One is the way that all of the layers work together so you can see how you can do different things with the same garments, and I thought it was beautiful too the way that the light comes off the fabric because it's slightly shiny. So the whole thing is vivid and cheerful," Tucker said.

The cultural exhibit also showcased different fabrics from various parts of the Philippines and dolls in diverse Filipiniana attire.

With the fashion show, Mrs. Gatan hopes to encourage kababayans to wear Filipiniana clothing more often and to encourage foreigners to buy from Filipino artisans.

The outfits that were modeled were from the personal collection of the Philippine embassy staff.

The intimate affair showcased the craftsmanship of Filipino artisans, the different textiles used and showed Filipino culture at its finest.
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