Monday, June 1, 2009

Prairie Trend: Modern and Vintage Designer Clothes

The prairie trend is one of the trend in today's designer clothing fashion. It is sweet, simple-charming silhouettes, frilled camisoles, ruffled bib-front dresses, swishy, bustled skirts and done up in both retro floral prints and obviously modern, haute-glittery textures. It is now showcased by designer such as Marc Jacobs and Polo Ralph Lauren.

polo ralph lauren
This trend reflect a time when even the homespun types so wearing it looks disturbingly delusional. Exotic designs, Asian-inspired patterns and fabric, heavy painted wood bangles, tribal-looking bib necklaces embellished with raw stones felt defiantly stylish and daring against all the charming, innocent frills is the key to have a modern look of this trend.

To pull off this trend you can mix authentically rough-hewn vintage camisoles and prairie skirts with a modern, sparkly Lurex scarf and neon t-shirt. For night, up the glam factor through accessories: a glitzy bag, sexy heels, a great little jacket, and you’re good to go. Another trick is to wear a modern fitted plaid shirt and full skirt that shows legs. Have fun with playful accessories inspired by your little style house on the prairie.

Keep in mind that being simple with this trend is the big factor, so don't over do it.


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