Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Hair Accessories - Headbands and how to wear them with your Designer Clothing

Headbands can be a fun way to pep up your outfit - not just since Blair Waldorf is rocking them on Gossip Girl. In fact, in the show, headbands kind of stand for a conservative, old fashioned style. The new headband trend though intends to loosen up your style and add something girlie to it.

polo ralph lauren

I think a headband - be it a feather, crochet, satin or plastic headband - is best worn with a simple outfit. Denim pants or a skirt and a simple white or black fitted shirt with natural make-up seem to be the best fit.

Even though I haven’t “re-embraced” this long forgotten ’80s accessory I am willing to experiment with it now - especially since the price of a headband is only a fraction of the price of a new top - at the same time though it can really freshen up your look.

When wearing a headband most hair styles will work. Wearing your hair short or long, up or down, there are no rules and a headband will work. Skipping your earrings though is probably a good idea - don’t distract from your headband and “overload” yourself.

I personally don’t think the color or fabric of your headband has to match the rest of your clothes. Wild, audacious, unexpected - that’s the combination you are going for. Remember, you don’t want to look boring. After all, the reason for wearing a headband is to actually stand out and make a little fashion statement.

Source: Star Fashion Addict

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