Monday, June 1, 2009

Chinos: Perfect Alternative in your Designer Clothing

The most laid back style of the trouser family, Chinos are the perfect alternative to jeans and harem pants this season and set to be a huge trend for designer clothes fashion. Designer like Polo Ralph Lauren are have Spring/Summer collection for this trend which features in a variety of colors such as pink and yellow.

polo ralph lauren

But for those of us that are not feeling that brave you can still add a touch of the trend to your outfit without making a big fashion faux pas. One thing that is great about them though, is that they fill will a hole in your entire wardrobes, providing an alternative to jeans and trousers. When jeans are too scruffy and a pair of black skinny trousers are too formal, chinos will prove to be your saviour. That is why most fashionistas who are already wearing harems and pegs have already switched onto the trend and have added them to their list.

Everyone's wearing a chinos, so what are you waiting for? Try this trend and see the difference.


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