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Monday, December 19, 2011

Meet the Aspiring Top Designers of Philippine Fashion

As the challenges in MEGA’s Young Designers Competition 2012 begin, let’s take a look on each of the Philippine Fashion designers that will battle for their mark in the industry.

Nikita Agatha boasts of being able to do anything from scratch. She picked up her flair for fashion from her grandmother and mom who loved dressing her up when she was little. She considers Sari Yap, editor in chief of MEGA Magazine, as the judge to please, urging Nikita to carefully think of her designs. She cites Alexander McQueen as her idol for his out of this world construction of outfits that women can wear.

Dino Bancoro recently started as a fashion designer sharing that the pieces he presented during the audition were his first ever creations. Through YDC, he hopes to learn more on pattern making and sewing since he has yet to formally study fashion design. He admits that he still needs polishing but is proud to say that he has the vision and creativity that would amaze people.

Hazel Cargado is a registered nurse. However, after graduating and passing the board, Hazel felt lost. Eventually, she decided to go back to what she really wanted. After finding a fashion design school in Manila, she quickly grabbed the opportunity to learn. Through YDC, she hopes to find her personal directions in design. 

Mara Chua has a motto that anything and everything can be inspiring. He believes that to be successful, talent is not enough. He sharpened his technical skills in pattern making and learned sewing through a seamstress who made his clothes. He cites Rei Kawakubo and Bjork as inspirations that allowed him to expand his horizons and stretch his aesthetic.

Kirby Cruz wants to represent his feelings through his designs. His goal is to have an identity that makes his pieces unique. As a fresh fashion graduate, he feels the need for the right exposure and he believes YDC is the best venue for him. He loves the design of Hussein Chalayan and Alexander McQueen since Kirby is fascinated where these designers find their concepts and ideas.

Ched Dalogaog is a fashion instructor at one of the top fashion schools in Manila. He tells a story with his creations, incorporating pop culture and considering the modern women who will wear them. He believes his edge is his understanding of color, textures and fabrics that other designers take for granted. By joining YDC, he hopes to establish a brand that he can introduce to MEGA, hoping to also be acknowledged in the industry.

Corleen Duero specializes in constructing basics but still adding a touch of style. Hailing all the way from Surigao, Corleen is proud to represent the south and hopes to be a designer who can bridge fashion and design from Manila to Mindanao. He admires Issey Miyake, always remembering the quote of the designer, “These clothes are no wrappings, you can understand them the way you want, you can wear them the way you want.” 

Oz Go’s designs dwell on futuristic and experimental looks. At a young age, he discovered his affinity for fashion when he became obsessed with drawing her mother’s wedding gown. He took a course in fashion design and eventually mounted a show during Philippine Fashion Week. Being the younger brother of singer Rachelle Ann Go, he is proud to mention that they still share the same room and creates outfits for her to wear.

Robin Gundran is the youngest member of this year’s competition. At 18 years old, he showed his creations and wowed the judges during the go-see. He received negative remarks from a lot of people who did not believe in his passion. However, he turned this into his motivation. He knows that with perseverance, he can show his detractors that he can get past them, and achieve fame and success.
Ann Lorio is an industrial engineer from Cavite who wanted to shift to fashion design. Despite her parents’ initial doubts on her dream, she travelled to Manila and worked to buy a sewing machine. After seeing her passion, her parents eventually showed support to her. With her background in engineering, Ann attacks a design starting with the structure. As a YDC contestant, she wants to learn and make her mark as a designer.

Cristian Mallabo believes that God has a purpose why he’s alive and in the competition. His mother attempted to abort him but he survived. For as long as he can remember, he’s had a passion for clothes. He was motivated when friends and family started to ask him to create party clothes for them. He wants to be known as a designer who can brave through any challenge and hopes to win in order to give back to his aunt and sisters.

Porfi Medina thinks of fashion more as a form of activism and advocacy. When he was in elementary, Porfi’s grandmother opened a dress shop. At that tender age, he would observe the fabrics and sewing, starting his dream to become a fashion designer. He views his craft as a form of expression, translating social issues and its relevance into ensembles. He wishes to convey a message on pressing issues in society with every design he makes.

Renan Pacson simply wants to make his family proud. He initially took up Hotel and Restaurant Management but eventually found his calling in fashion. He studied Clothing Technology and was lucky to have the support of his parents. Luckily, he was accepted not based on his audition pieces, but based on how he packaged himself. His biggest challenge is to find his signature aesthetic and intends to find this in YDC.

Ismael Palma tried his luck during the auditions for the first season of Gen M: YDC but did not make the cut. At that time, he still did not know how to sew so he took his failure as an opportunity to improve. He decided to learn more about sewing and developing his designs. He was accepted this year and shares that whatever the judges say, he will keep in mind and apply. 

Erica Panlilio hopes to dress up Katy Perry because of her fun playful personality. She started looking up and imbibing the stylish attitude of her grandmother when she was young. During the go-see, she had a major setback because the judges thought that she had a styling problem. Still, she was chosen to be one of the finalists and she believes that through YDC, she can grow and become a top designer.

Ram Silva designs for a cause. He intends to help the dying weaving community in Panay and Iloilo. During the go-see, judges were surprised with his mix of native materials to create a modern look. He keeps in mind the advice of Sari Yap, EIC of MEGA magazine, that what other designers learn outside in six months to a year, they can experience and learn in YDC in two months.

Mary Ty is inspired by YDC alumna Furne One, hoping to be as successful as him. Mary has never joined a fashion competition because of her fear of rejection. She tried her luck by joining Philippine Fashion Week but did not succeed. Edwin Ao, another YDC alumna, urged her to join the upcoming YDC. Her quirky comments amused the judges and are sure to liven the intense challenges for the YDC hopefuls.

Geoffrey Zordilla has always wanted to study fashion design. Initially, he had to struggle with his parents’ disbelief. Still, he pursued his dreams and is currently a fashion design student. He is enthusiastic to experience YDC’s challenges and to learn how to mingle with fellow designers. Nature inspires him, feeling relaxed and comfortable in its serene environment.

Support and vote for your favorite Philippine Fashion designers through the online poll and the auction of their creations at Keep watching the MEGA Young Designers Competition 2012 every Saturday, 7 pm on ETC, with replays every Sunday at 10 am.
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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Philippine Fashion Mogul Josie Natori Brings her Global Brand to Philippines

Philippine Fashion Mogul Josie Natori has been known in the United States as force in fashion and design since she founded The Natori Company in 1977. Now, the Manila-born fashion mogul is setting her sights on being a force globally, starting with the Philippines and neighboring Asian countries.
“We’re big in the United States now, how about being bigger in the Philippines and in Asia?” Natori said in an interview with the Asian Journal. The bold statement came a week after Natori opened their first boutiques in the Philippines at Rustan’s Makati and the Rustan’s Tower in the Shangri-la Plaza. The Natori brand is well-known for its signature “East meets West” approach to design, resulting in products that highlight “Asian aesthetics and sensibilities and the Western contemporary lifestyle,” according to Asian Journal. Her Spring/Summer 2012 collection, for instance, features many elements from the Philippines—from bags made of hand-woven abaca from Bulacan to belt buckles made out of Capiz shells.
Before founding the Natori Company, Josie Cruz Natori worked in wealth management firm Merrill Lynch, where she would eventually rise to become the firm’s first female Vice President in Investment Banking. After marrying Ken Natori, Josie Natori made the move from banking to entrepreneurship in 1977, after choosing from several possible business ventures. “I realized it had to be something I could relate to, something to do with the Philippines,” Natori said in a 2007 interview with the New York Sun.
Her fashion career began with blouses from the Philippines that were sold as nightwear in Bloomingdale’s. The rest, as they say, is history. The brand continues to expand globally, even as the US continues to feel the effects of the recession, noted Asian Journal. Recession or not, Natori said it’s all about producing things that women want. Natori’s entry to the Philippines was simply a matter of “right timing,” noting the growth in the Asian market. It may have taken 35 years for Natori to open boutiques in the Philippines, but the global fashion brand is making up for lost time. Trade and Industry Secretary Gregory Domingo invited her to be part of the Center for International Trade Exposition and Missions, a group whose mandate is to promote the Philippines in the global market.
These are the things that I love doing. I’m very proud that they’re all made in the Philippines. I believe in the creativity and talent of Filipinos. I am so inspired by many amazing artists in the Philippines. I would love to be able to help in whatever way I can to get them more recognition.” - Josie Natori
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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Nicole Lynn “Miss Earth USA” is so FAKE! Not GOOD for FILIPINOS! - Blog Philippines

I got this article from Blog Philippines about the filthy behavior of what you called "role model" and the current candidate of Ms. Earth 2011. Please read the article below;
Share this post to your friends to let them know how bad is Nicole Lynn ”Miss Earth USA” Candidate of the 2011 Miss Earth.
I’ve seen her account saying something bad about Filipino People. She must be a racist. Such a bad girl!
If you want to know what she has said, read it below:
I hardly made it to manila and we already attended a rediculous tv show. So annoying!!! These people want to touch you and be with you all the time!! I can’t understand a word they say. I can’t wait to go back home. This country is so dirty and noisy. I’m scared to eat!!! What a mess. On a lighter note I don’t see any real competition. Will keep you updated my loves
To you Nicole Lynn, we should have not accepted you here in Philippines if we only knew from the very beggining you are gonna say those words, we don’t need you here anyway! You even look like a sl*t!
Remember my word, never come back here in Philippines or else we will throw you plenty of fresh eggs on your face!
Here is the screenshot of her Facebook profile: 
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Friday, December 2, 2011

Kol Hope Foundation For Children Presents Most Glamorous Filipino Ball on Earth

The Kol Hope Foundation For Children proudly presented the Philippine Presidential Gala, now known throughout the world as The Most Glamorous Filipino Ball on Earth. Over 400 of Toronto’s brightest stars, fashionistas, and the veritable who’s who among the Filipino Canadian scene attended the red carpet soirée held last Friday November 11, 2011 at the Four Seasons Hotel in Yorkville. The Filipino Ball is truly the first of its kind, an all out, extravagant, Cultural Showcase of the best in Philippine Culture, Philippine Fashion, Dance, Performance and Cuisine, all for a great cause, to help children born with Trisomy-related disabilities. The beautiful night was a celebration of Kol Rustia’s life, who passed away at the age of 14 on Oct 9, 2011. Kol is the inspiration and story behind the Kol Hope Foundation for Children.
 The event began at 6PM with an all-media access, red carpet event. Amongst the Who’s Who attending were: Philippine Consul General Pedro Chan, Toronto’s Former Mayor of Toronto Barbara Hall, Former Minister of Foreign Affairs Bill Graham, Miss Universe Canada Chanel Beckenlehner, Canadian Fashion Designers Baby Steinberg & Louie J. Manzo, Stephen Lynch make up artist for the acclaimed TV series Queer As Folk, casting Director Karyn Fine, Kelechi Achonu Fashion Editor for RGM, Bradley Schmale Head of Leading International Bank for HSBC, and Eric Aragon, Canada’s leading Event Designer.
The Gala dinner and program began at 7pm with a heart warming tribute video to Kol Rustia, a wonderful recap of this 14 year old boy’s life, and the great legacy that he has left behind; a legacy of love, courage, compassion and hope.

The video was followed by a beautiful welcome and tribute speech by Kol Hope Foundation for Children, President and Founder, and Kol’s grandmother, Melinda Parreno Rustia. Filipino- Canadian TV personality, Host of BPM:TV’s Club Fashion, Jeff Rustia, who is also Kol’s father, was the wonderful and entertaining Emcee for the evening. He then previewed the World Premiere of Kol’s World, a brand new groundbreaking, animated pre-school series, about a boy in a wheelchair and his two best pet friends.
And for the very first time ever in Four Seasons Hotel history, the hotel has launched an exclusive Filipino Fusion Menu, comprised of a three course meal starting with a Ginataang Calabasa Soup with Ginger and Coconut Crème Flake, followed by Roasted Adobo Chicken in a delicate Calamus Jus served with Mung Bean Rice Pilaf, and finished with a Guimaras Mango Mousse cake.

As dinner began, Rustia introduced the stellar line-up for the evening which included the country’s top Philippine Cultural Dance troupes in Canada, namely Fiesta Filipina Dance Troupe and Cultural Philippines of Ontario, that performed their award winning Singkil and Tinikling, plus knock out performances from Ma-Anne Dionisio, the international star of Miss Saigon, Lilac Cana, the Award Winning Filipino Opera Singer, Colin Petierre, 12 year old Filipino Canadian Ballroom dance champ, Warren Dean Flandez, R&B Soul Singer, and star of CBC’s Cover Me Canada. The highlight of the performances was the special presentation of Rigodon de Honour by the KOL HOPE DANCERS, choreographed by Siony Srynka.

The showcase event of the night was the Presidential Awards, with the presentation of Awards to over 40 Presidents of Fil-Can Associations. The awards ceremony also paid tribute to 5 outstanding Filipinos for their global achievements, including, Arturo Viola, Zeny Gepilano, Carmelita Petierre Dosayla and Lilac Cana. The lifetime achievement award was given to Ruben Cusipag, for his incredible contributions to Filipino community journalism in Canada.

The evening also featured An Haute Couture and Ready to Wear Philippine Fashion Show presenting fashions by Joy Couture and JP Rangel. Special music was mixed and edited for the show, including a beautiful remix of Pilita Corrales “Dahil Sa Yo” with French Ambient beats. Simply Divine! The night ended with a fashionable competition for the “BEST TERNO EVENING GOWN “ with the 5 celebrity Judges choosing Tara Berkes, a Filipino Hungarian model who sported a one sided Butterfly leather evening gown.

The Kol Hope Foundation for Children is the first charitable organization of its kind in North America that helps children born with Trisomy-related disabilities. All proceeds go to benefit the Kol Hope Fund in the Hospital for Sick Kids, and Easter Seals Society of Canada. And 2 orphanages in the Philippines, namely Bacolod Boys Home and the Holy Infant Nursery in Bacolod City.
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