Saturday, October 22, 2011

Feiyue Shoes - Flying Forward to Philippine Fashion

More and more international Fashion name are making their way to Philippine Fashion, before I shared all about BoxFresh which is an Authentic British Street wear.  Now I’m going to share to you guys the latest name that is Flying Forward to our Fashion Scene. Feiyue Shoes truly made its debut in 2006 when a French team of sneaker enthusiasts took over the brand, eventually sending them through a series of improvements in both quality and design. Without losing any of its authentic vintage charm, these changes transformed Feiyue into the innovative and trendy brand it is today and more than ever, Feiyue is ready to conquer new markets.
Feiyue is pronounced as “fey-way”, and to be honest it’s also my first time to really find out more about Feiyue Sneakers. Although being successful in conquering different markets, the obstacle that Feiyue Shoes faced in the Philippine market was adopting the design to the foot size of the Filipinos, because it was originally a French design. But then again, because of the trendy design of the shoes I know it will be a hit in the Philippine Fashion, and I am looking forward to try these shoes on my own. By the way before I forgot Feiyue Shoes Philippines have a unisex design, meaning it is good for both male and female.
Here is a brief history of Feiyue; Their Shoe line have jumped beyond the French trendsetters and are now being sold in more than 20 countries, with approximately more than 1000 points of sale in France and 100 in the rest of the world. They also aim to create an accessible, fashionable product; one that develops inspired partnerships that are in tune with its creative DNA and core values. As a brand, Feiyue remains committed to artistic culture and expressive freedom. Not bring afraid of branching out and experimenting with other mediums, it’s this philosophy that has given birth to a diverse community of colleagues and contributors, who continue to make Feiyue the brand it is today.
Feiyueʼs collaborations with artists and creative communities are also a core component of the brand becoming an inspired citizen of the world. Past collaborators include CELINE, Steph.Cop.,  NSBQ, Ubiquity Record, and most recently André Saraiva. Feiyueʼs strong commitment to being accessible to everyone makes them a truly unique, creative and universal brand.
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