Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Weaving the Future of Philippine Fashion

A mini fashion show with modern Filipino designs by FDCP members and past Philippine Fashion Design Competition winners using local weaves like piña, jusi, abaca, etc. was presented to the press, along with “Weaving The Future” ambassadors Amina Aranaz-Alunan, Tweetie de Leon-Gonzalez and Mons Romulo.
The “Weaving the Future” competition is comprised of several stages, the first of which required applicants to submit design entries (three design entries of a 3-5 piece mini collection for apparel, and three design entries of a single piece for accessories/ home decor).  Applicants were also asked to submit a developmental business plan that includes materials used, positive impact on the community, projected profits, etc.  The aim is to develop designers who are not only talented, but who are aware of the social and environmental impact of their designs.
The 10 design finalists for APPAREL are:

  1. Benjie Pascual Alvarez
  2. Concordio Sison Sajorda, Jr.
  3. Genesis Bundalian Alcantara
  4. Harold Victor Galgala Dominguez
  5. Marian Villanueva Andrada
  6. Mark Archibal Cagadoc Tamayo
  7. Nino Dominic Melo Angeles
  8. Noelle Marfori Llave
  9. Pristine Joyce Silao De Guzman
  10. Roland Rense Hernandez Alzate

The 10 design finalists for ACCESSORIES are:

  1. Adante Landicho Leyesa
  2. Chynna Roxanne Rosejos Gonzalez
  3. Earl Carlo Patano Gariando
  4. Heidrun Milan
  5. Joseph Paul Quismorio Villarosa
  6. Kristal Leen dela Cruz de Guzman
  7. Maria Esperanza Victoria Bautista Balingit
  8. Mark Archibal Cagadoc Tamayo
  9. Roselyn Cabalang Fortus
  10. Wanda Trixi Panopio Bandojo

Last Monday, September 19, 2011, FDCP presented its top 20 design finalists (top 10 for fashion and top ten for fashion accessories) at the Jump Center, 4th Floor, Mega Mall. 
Disclaimer: if you are reading this article on one of this site, designandfashion.info , you are reading stolen content. To view this article from its original source visit swedes-love-fashion.blogspot.com


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