Friday, August 5, 2011

Philippine Fashion Designer Adante Leyesa: Handmade Accessories for Filipinas

Hi guys, here’s another good news to be added on Philippine Fashion. I just noticed these days that we Filipinos are making names in terms of Fashion Styles. I just wanted to share right now one of the Philippine Fashion Designers who brings honor to Philippines because of his style. Adante Leyesa creates handmade fashion accessories that he hopes will enhance further the beauty of the Filipino women.
“Every Filipina to me is beautiful. Some of them just lack the confidence needed to accentuate that beauty,” Adante says. The 32-year old designer owns Adanté Collections. His passion for his craft stemmed from his hobby of making accessories for his family and friends. He later introduced his creations in bazaars where he would cross paths with stylists and like-minded designers who saw great potential in his designs.
Adante uses intricate and bold features, resulting to head-turning designs. He often integrates at least four materials for each piece, and applies a multi-step process that makes his creations very sturdy. Adante, together with Leo Bartolome, his partner in the business in terms of design, maintain a meticulous attitude when it comes to the quality of their Fashion Accessories.

He also tagged along a number of out-of-school youth from his hometown in Lipa City in Batangas in making the accessories. Adante says he is able to find a way to make his fellow Batangueños learn more about accessory making. His creations were later used in one fashion shoot after another. With his keen eye on quality, Adante would later be tapped by big names in fashion, particularly during the yearly Philippine Fashion Week.

Adante, who describes his designs as bold and regal, says he takes inspiration from the people around him and that his work is motivated by the person wearing his accessories. “These accessories are meant to be worn by women who are not afraid to make a statement, who are fashion forward, who want more options and won't settle for safe fashion accessories,” he says.

His biggest break yet is his collaboration with actress-designer Solenn Heussaff for Knit Queen and fashion designer Lulu Tan Gan. In bazaars, Adante’s accessories are sold for P1,000 to P7,000. He recognizes the potential of his creations for the export market, but his priority is to make the accessories available to Filipino women.

I want to make a name for myself in the fashion industry but at the same time, my creations have to be accessible and affordable to every Filipina,” - Adante Leyesa

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