Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Philippine Fashion Week 2011 : Penshoppe Trailblazer Fashion Show

Philippine Fashion Week 2011 is almost over. Another update that I will share to you guys was the Penshoppe‘s Fashion Show for the PWF 2011. I receive an invite for this so I’m a bit closer to the catwalk compare to Wrangler’s Fashion Show that is open to the public.

A little information about Penshoppe Clothing, It provides a variety of styles to choose from and constantly update its collection. Started in 1986, today Penshoppe is recognized as one of the market leaders in the Philippine fashion, accessories and personal care product industry.

This season, Penshoppe steps up with its campaign, “Trailblazer” — the collection depicts those who conduct their lives off the beaten path: an innovator and pioneer, as it were. A leader is innovative inasmuch as people WANT to follow him or her, and DO — thus, a trailblazer must be emulated, so to speak. A test for an ultimate trailblazing assignment involves the ability to turn over a fruitful discovery into the hands of others.

The idea for the title was born out of a James Bond aesthetic and persona. Thus, TRAILBLAZER actually resonates comfortably as a Bond-film title of sorts. This aesthetic is reinforced further in the catwalk with traces of James Bond themes that will surely trigger vivid associations with the dapper secret service agent.

The given title flows from a natural progression from previous ones — i.e., Revolution, Elevation, and Arrivalist. Once a person has remarkably arrived, setting an example for others to emulate would be the consequent challenge. The title not only describes the brand thrusting forward; but, extends further to those who choose to wear PENSHOPPE merchandise —creating a brand and style loyalty among peers.


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