Friday, June 27, 2014

Maldita Campaign Ads

Seductively elegant was the new theme of Maldita’s impressive ad campaign video.  The setting was an old lovely dilapidated building where the unit was located. The scenes were first mysterious turned seductive when the character was revealed. The story revolved around the sexy Nikki Gil exhibiting her classy outfits on her way to her unit.

The video became more enticing when the hot actress reached her room and turned up the volume of her stereo. She started dancing and fitting her fashion-savvy Maldita pieces along with the alluring music. The classy chic picks revealed her beauty and sexiness even more as the stylish clothes slowly fitted and showed the curves of her body .

The campaign was created to attract and turn on the audience in a sexy and elegant way which was proven on the video. See how Maldita made Nikki Gil looked extra sizzling through watching the ad on the Philippine Fashion brand’s official website.


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