Friday, August 31, 2012

Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago teams up with Team Manila

This is one Philippine Fashion team-up that we thought would never happen. One of the country's most interesting and outspoken (not to mention controversial) elected officials is securing her place in Pinoy pop culture by teaming up with local clothing brand Team Manila 
Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago—who's known for her acerbic one-liners, as well as crafting tongue-in-cheek pick-up lines that she uses as icebreakers—will soon be "immortalized" through T-shirts. We first got wind of this collaboration when we saw Team Manila's August 23 post on the senator's Facebook page. 
The Team Manila post was accompanied by a photo that also appears on Team Manila's website.Interestingly enough, as the Team Manila teaser announces (or hints), the Miriam shirts will feature her now-famous pick-up lines. The Miriam shirts, which will be available sometime in September, are tagged as "online exclusives."

With this development, we can't help but wonder if other Pinoy politicians will embark on their own fashion ventures. If Erap Estrada is on "joke books" and Santiago is on shirts, can President Noynoy Aquino eyeglass frames be far behind? Or, how about Senator Tito Sotto mustache grooming kits? The possibilities are endless. 

Photo Credits: Team Manila website , Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago's Facebook Page
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