Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Design and Comfort: Secrets of Thermal Clothing

Thermal wear cannot really be considered as trendy or fashionable clothing. But then again, it's an item of absolute necessity in the wardrobe, especially during the dull autumn and the chilly winter.

Vain- pots may not find thermal clothing up to their fashion standards. In fact, some may detest it as thermal clothing are not exactly designed for fashion fest or runway catwalk, but it's absolutely necessary to have a few of them handy in the wardrobe when autumn or winter comes.

Thermal clothing may not make you look like a model, but it's the only ones that will provide your maximum warmth and comfort during harsh weathers. It's is the only thing that stands between you and a nasty bout of pneumonia and flu.

Here's some helpful tips on choosing proper thermal clothing:
  • Choose something that really fits you. When it comes to choosing thermal clothing, you're not supposed to choose something that's too loose, or too tight. You got to keep in mind that thermal clothing are supposed to be comfort wears, not an item of fashion statement.
  • Thermal clothing provides a few degrees of different comfort. Generally there's five different grades of comfort: Grade 1 - Light Warmth, Grade 2 - Soft Warmth, Grade 3 - Comfort Warmth, Grade 4 - Intense Warmth and Grade 5 - Extreme Warmth. Choose whatever degree of comfort that's applicable to you. When in doubts, never hesitate to ask for assistance from the store's salesperson or person in charge.
  • Choose thermal clothing that's made from the finest quality of fabric for long lasting use.
  • Last but not least, choose dark coloured thermal clothing. They don't show stains easily in comparison to stark white thermal clothing.


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