Sunday, March 27, 2011

Cosplay Fashion at Cyberzone Technolife Affair

It’s a Saturday afternoon filled with gadgets, cosplay and an additional knowledge on blogging and its importance to the society.But what I noticed on this even was the two lovely cosplayer ladies and that’s the Gosiengfiao sisters.

And my dear readers, do you know that cosplaying is one of the trending fashion this past few years? Cosplay fashion just like Alodia Gosiegfiao and Ashley Gosiegfiao  do became more and more popular especially to teenagers.

And because of the influence of cosplay, even café use this fashion trend to their gimmick. That Café was called Meidolls Café and it is becoming popular here in the Philippines.

Me as a fashion blogger I really like anime that is why I appreciate this fashion sense although I didn’t try it personally. But I salute all cosplayers because of their passion and efforts in creating their costumes and portraying their favorite Anime and video game characters.


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