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Top 10 Fashion Statements of 2010

Do you want to know what the Top 10 Fashion Statement of 2010 is? I’m sure you are curious too. So here’s my post regarding to that topic.

Lady Gaga

If making fashion statements is your primary raison d'être, it's easy to get bored. Exploding bra? Flamed out. Dress made of bubbles? Please. Using your hair as a bow? Not again. But a dress made of meat — with shoes, hat and purse to match — well, that's fresh. The carnivorous ensemble Lady Gaga wore to the MTV Video Music Awards ceremony, which is pretty much mecca for eccentric musical sartorialists, raised many questions: What does it mean? How was it made? Does she want A.1. sauce with it? Gaga's explanation of the flank frock — that if we didn't stand up for our rights, we'd be nothing but meat on our bones — seemed disappointing. We prefer to think of it as haute cutlet.


Anyone who performs at the Grammy Awards nine months pregnant and wearing a flesh-hugging body stocking is clearly unafraid of making extreme statements. Even so, there was a sharp intake of breath when singer M.I.A. turned up at an awards event this year in one of the most controversial garments of our era: a burqa. For many, it's a symbol of oppression, representing the systematic silencing of female voices. For others, it's a symbol of liberation, freeing the women who wear it from oversexualization or objectification of the female form. Either way, at least we know it's versatile. And this one had such a friendly print, it was hard to be offended.

Venus Williams

No, Williams was not wearing a nightie at the French Open; and yes, she was wearing underpants. The corset-style red-trimmed dress, which Venus designed herself, was not as transparent as it appeared — it was lined with fabric — and her undies were actually quite decent, if flesh in color. The athlete downplayed the chatter surrounding the ensemble, which is a part of her EleVen clothing collection. "The outfit is about illusion," she said. "And it's obviously lace and kind of having that illusion of wearing lace and not having anything under it." While it's unusual and possibly uncomfortable, it has its advantages: imagine the effect on an opponent if she believes Williams doesn't even need to get out of her negligee to hand her a whupping. Which she did, beating Patty Schnyder in straight sets.


It's a high-class problem, of course, but still a tough one: What do you wear to receive a lifetime-achievement award? What strikes the right tone of humility and gratitude? Prince, never one to shy away from excess — or high heels or big floppy sleeves — went with all three. His tunic, whose color palette echoed that of a vintage toothpaste tube, bore an image of a man who looked very much like the singer, as well as the glyph Prince used instead of his name for a while. At least he had a ready answer for the inevitable red-carpet question: Who are you wearing?


There are probably people who have as much fun getting dressed every day as Rihanna, but they just don't go out as often. Take the catsuit the singer wore to a German music-award festival in March: a cross between an academic robe and the Jolly Green Giant's pajamas, it's a difficult color and not superflattering. But what does it matter to Rihanna? If today's outfit doesn't communicate to the masses, she can make another fashion announcement tomorrow. Just like Gumby, whom she seems to be channeling, Rihanna is flexible.


This outfit should perhaps be known as the midcomeback dress. Britney Spears, attending a music-awards ceremony after a rough couple of years, could be making several statements here, some of them quite melancholy. "I have forgotten my pants," for example, or "I lost all my mirrors." Or, quite possibly, her bodysuit and sheer overlay are meant to suggest that she's almost making it, or that she simply does not care what you think of her. In any case, while it's not the most flattering thing she has ever worn, the outfit showed she is not going out of her way to avoid the spotlight.

Rita Wilson

When you get to walk the red carpet on the arm of Tom Hanks, you're afforded the opportunity to wear whatever the heck you want. Perhaps it was that freedom that influenced actress and producer Rita Wilson, Hanks' wife of 12 years, to choose a crystal-chandelier dress for the Emmy Awards in August. Wilson made it a head-to-toe Lucite affair by picking matching footwear. Not surprisingly, the ensemble was widely panned. But there's no denying Wilson held her own with the flashbulbs.

Taylor Momsen

As she navigates the tricky transition from Gossip Girl's good girl to rock singer, Taylor Momsen has made a number of iffy sartorial choices, including see-through dresses, garters and ripped tanks. But some wondered whether she crossed a line in October when she performed with her band in a rhinestone necklace that spelled out the world slave along with a dog collar attached to what looks like the beginning of a chain. Momsen, who's made no secret of her disaffection for having been signed to a modeling contract at age 2, might want to check a history book for a little perspective.


Where do crazy big-haired grannies go when they want to get dressed up? The Latin Grammy Awards always seem like a good spot. Charo, she of Love Boat fame, pulled out all the stops, and quite possibly some showgirl's hair extensions, for the event in Las Vegas in November. The Spanish-American actress, who's either 59 or 69 depending on whom you believe, took some flak, but from the looks of it, she still has the legs, guts and appetite for a high-calorie confection such as this, so we salute her.

Heidi Klum

It is the Season 8 finale of Lifetime's Project Runway. The judges are in a pitched battle. The fashion arbiters — designer Michael Kors and editor Nina Garcia — hate one particular outfit: a tight, bold, black-and-white dress designed by finalist Mondo Guerra. The fashion wearers — Heidi Klum and Jessica Simpson — love it. The discussion gets heated. Kors snips that Klum would never wear the dress to a red-carpet event. The arbiters take the day, and Guerra loses the competition. Just one month later, though, Klum slips into a sleeveless version of the contentious dress for a movie premiere. She was making the simplest of fashion statements, but one not printable on a family website.

Source: Time


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