Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Miss Philippines-Earth 2011 Candidates

The Miss Philippines-Earth 2011 beauty pageant is the annual search for the special pool of ladies who do not only possess the beauty of face and figure but also ones who could be the Ambassadors of the Environment. Dubbed as Beauties for a Cause, they become advocates of Mother Earth as they go around communities to hold seminars to heighten the awareness of the public and to encourage them to an eco-friendly lifestyle.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Green Couture in Philippine Fashion

Philippine Fashion goes green as famous Philippine Fashion Designers launched “Green Couture”. This Fashion Event featured gowns and designs from 11 of the country’s top designers. Aside from spreading eco-awareness, the event also raised funds for the Manila Waldorf School’s faculty training and development program.
The renowned fashion designers create masterpieces from recycled materials such as bubble wraps, plastic bags, straws, sacks and bottle caps. All of these were personally collected by the parents and students of the Manila Waldorf School.

Check out some of the fascinating designs on the runway.

Shredded dress

An estimated 25 sacks of rice were used in creating this yellow and white masterpiece by Tippi Ocampo. All sacks were shredded to a million tiny strips and sewn into this dress and vest number.

The big pink dress

Karen Mijares recycled used burlap sacks for this pretty-in-pink number. With the help of an old tool and used organza, Mijares dyed all materials and put them together to create this amazing dress.

Another design from Mijares is a green creation from old tablecloths. From the lining to the actual textile, a green patterned tablecloth was used. The tablecloth offers a plastic finish to it.
Mijares’ third design was the greenest of all green.

This eco-bag gown was created from recycled eco-shopping bags, which were previously created using recycled textile. Now that’s “recycled” to the second level!

Wrapped up in a bubble

James Reyes was also a big hit with his bubble dresses made from used and printed shower curtains, and overlaid with everybody’s favorite--the bubble wrap. To add gloss, a giant necklace made entirely of used plastic is worn on top.

Golden black

Ivarluski Aseron’s creation was also a crowd favorite. This black and gold piece is made from over 100 plastic garbage bags and tons of flattened bottle caps (tansan) spray-painted gold for that classic look.

Flour sack gown

Dennis Lustico created a wonderful number from flour sacks, which are essentially cloths already. Lustico also made use of the sacks’ print (of brand name) to accentuate the gown.

The event not only showcased the Filipino’s love for the environment, but the Filipino’s creativity and resourcefulness as well.

“Just shows off the Filipino talent as well, to work with something like this, using garbage (for the masterpieces),”.

Other designers who participated in the “Green Couture” event are Jojie Lloren, Kate Torralba, Michi Calica-Sotto, Patrice Ramos-Diaz, Puey Quiñones, and Rajo Laurel.

Now we know what happens when garbage falls into the hands of Philippine fashion’s best—magic on the runway.

Photos courtesy of Green Couture and ABS-CBN

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Design and Comfort: Secrets of Thermal Clothing

Thermal wear cannot really be considered as trendy or fashionable clothing. But then again, it's an item of absolute necessity in the wardrobe, especially during the dull autumn and the chilly winter.

Vain- pots may not find thermal clothing up to their fashion standards. In fact, some may detest it as thermal clothing are not exactly designed for fashion fest or runway catwalk, but it's absolutely necessary to have a few of them handy in the wardrobe when autumn or winter comes.

Thermal clothing may not make you look like a model, but it's the only ones that will provide your maximum warmth and comfort during harsh weathers. It's is the only thing that stands between you and a nasty bout of pneumonia and flu.

Here's some helpful tips on choosing proper thermal clothing:
  • Choose something that really fits you. When it comes to choosing thermal clothing, you're not supposed to choose something that's too loose, or too tight. You got to keep in mind that thermal clothing are supposed to be comfort wears, not an item of fashion statement.
  • Thermal clothing provides a few degrees of different comfort. Generally there's five different grades of comfort: Grade 1 - Light Warmth, Grade 2 - Soft Warmth, Grade 3 - Comfort Warmth, Grade 4 - Intense Warmth and Grade 5 - Extreme Warmth. Choose whatever degree of comfort that's applicable to you. When in doubts, never hesitate to ask for assistance from the store's salesperson or person in charge.
  • Choose thermal clothing that's made from the finest quality of fabric for long lasting use.
  • Last but not least, choose dark coloured thermal clothing. They don't show stains easily in comparison to stark white thermal clothing.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Summer Blockbuster Fashion at the Shang

This summer, another round of endless fashionable pleasures awaits you at Shangri-La Plaza as it puts together fashion and the movies with a series of events.

Movies are indeed a great way to experience some of the hottest and most popular fashion trends, with actors and actresses flaunting key looks in beautifully styled ensembles—and so it is no surprise that countless fashionistas look to their favorite leading men and ladies as creative inspirations for their outfits.

Themed Summer Blockbuster Fashion at the Shang, the event offers fashionphiles a glimpse of the hottest picks for the season and the chance to experience fashion in a new and innovative way with an exciting fashion installation and a fashion show—all taking cues from upcoming blockbusters.

The fashion installation, which will be held at the Grand Atrium from April 1 to 8, will feature one of the country’s top fashion stylists, Eldz Mejia, as he puts together extraordinary outfits inspired by movies.

The summer fashion show will be held on April 9, 4 p.m. at the Grand Atrium. Collections and looks will be grouped into segments inspired by the movies HOP, Gnomeo & Juliet and Rio, among others.

There will also be a sale from April 8 to May 1 in the kids and youth zones of the mall.

For inquiries, call 633-7851 loc.113 or log on to

Source: PhilStar

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

BUM Equipment Summer Collection and My Story Contest

BUM Equipment recently invited us to be in their 2nd Bloggers night which presented their 2011 collection and shared with us their exciting project on individuality, creativity and self expression and they called it “BUM Equipment My Story“.

The collection and the contest involves the My Story theme where one gets to express their sentiments, inner thoughts, and repressed emotions through clothes and personal style. B.U.M Equipments’ “My Story” project aims to give youth a creative outlet to establish their identities and created especially to let the youth’s sentiments, thoughts and emotions be heard.

If you are interested to join the contest all you have to do is buy any of the My Story collection clothes, take a picture of you wearing it, tell your story, and get a chance to win an Apple iPad2. B.U.M’s “My Story” project is open to boys and girls 13 years old and above and encourages the youth to express their passion, angst or opinion about who they are through fashion and photography. Cool prizes awaits the lucky winners. The one who can come up with the most creative story with great photos will take a home a 16 GB Apple iPad 2.

And if you’re up for the “My Story” project challenge, snap those shots, don your statement BUM pieces and show the world what you’ve got. For more information, visit or B.U.M’s Facebook Page.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Latest in Spring Fashion Trends

I've have shared on my previous posts some hints for the Spring Fashion trends, from Floral Accented Footwear to Bright Spring Colors. Now I will add where you can find this trends. Read the following post guys for the additional Fashion Tips.


Flat-heeled shoes are emerging as a hot trend for the spring-summer season. The detailed and embellished ballet flats, sandals and peep-toes are a serious alternative to the high heels that some women still feel are needed for dressy or business occasions. In fact, the flat-shoe shape might be a better complement to this year's longer, more languid fashion silhouette. Higher heels can throw off proportions, said Lauren Dupont, creative director at Jack Rogers. The shorter shoe "grounds" the outfit.

The shoe doesn't have to be perfectly flat, but a shoe with just a bit of heel creates an easy line from the leg, she said. The flat shoe is a safer place to introduce some of the bold, bright colors of spring. Stylist Robert Verdi said, "The flat shoe, not a sneaker, says 'I'm put together.' It's that middle ground where you need to be most days."

Trench Coats

It's time to dig out the trenches again. The reliable outerwear piece long linked to strong soldiers and sexy spies is one of those classics that so many of us already own. It has never fully gone out of style. Designers' spring collections are showing a dozen different interpretations of trench coats, from buttery leathers to fancy metallics. The trench shape is even evident in an Ann Taylor dress in washed silk with a draw-cord waist.

The look doesn't have to be about outerwear, said Ann Taylor's Lisa Axelson. Structure and craftsmanship count a lot in creating a high-value trench, she said. It's the inherent familiarity that gives the trench its long life. Burberry gets credit for the early waterproof gabardine coats back in the late 1800s, crafting them for English soldiers and farmers. The name comes from World War I troops' protective coats worn in trenches. 

Elle magazine's creative director, Joe Zee, is touting the oversized menswear-tailored trench with its sleeves rolled up, worn over a feminine blouse and pencil skirt. Gap's creative director, Patrick Robinson, says his favorite versions are softer in more of a makeup blush tone rather than khaki.

Longer Lengths

The temperatures may be going up, but don't expect hemlines to follow. The big spring trend is longer lengths: below-the-knee skirts, maxi dresses and flared-leg trousers. These flowing silhouettes bring freedom from the multiple layers and heavy fabrics of a storm-filled winter. To carry it off, create a triangular shape with a pared-down top, said Lisa Axelson, Ann Taylor senior vice president of design.

Marie Claire editor-in-chief Joanna Coles already has her new printed Prada skirt that hits her knee, which she'll pair with a crisp white button-down, but she thinks anything longer takes careful consideration and effort. 

The flowing maxi styles are hard to wear to the office, Coles warns. "A calf-length skirt is on trend, but it's not as flattering as knee-length." She is a fan of the pencil skirt, calling it "almost universally flattering." Kelly Golden, owner of the upscale Chicago-area boutique Neapolitan thinks the neater, midcalf skirt will do better overall. "The '40s silhouette, a suit with a cropped jacket or a fitted blouse, is a very ladylike way to do the longer length." Gap's Patrick Robinson's tips: Pay attention to proper tailoring, even though the style is looser, and mind your proportions; keep it feminine; and embrace the easy attitude.

Whatever Season it is, being creative in your style is one of the great way in being trendy and fashionable

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Bright Spring Colors : Must Have for Fashion

Everyone knows that black is the fashion world's favorite color, except in the spring — especially this spring. After a winter that pummeled many regions with snow, ice and cold, the chic set has agreed that it's time to break out the daffodil yellow, grass green and sky blue. When the concept of spring came to fruition, it was the dead of winter. Everyone's mood is just waiting for warmth and the color that comes with it.

Many fashionista has been eyeing a bright blue cobalt jacket, and maybe an orange or green scarf. The scarf alone allows you to update an outfit and feel good at the same time. The girl in yellow might be on to one of the season's trends: Fashion advisers say cheerful yellows are an important color family. The thing to remember is that sunshine is delivered in several shades. Find the one that works best with your skin tone, or, if you're still wary of a color that isn't typically easy to wear, move it away from your face.

Brights are a signature color for spring and women are ripe to wear them this year as they look to tap into an uplifted spirit in a bohemian shape. This collection is linked to 'summer is coming,' so it's lighthearted approach. Turquoise, pink and red are signs for an "instant buy,” Shoppers will buy a new basic T-shirt just because of the positive vibe attached to it, If it makes you smile on a rainy day, you see it, you want it, and it works.

And also one of the best-bet values is brightly colored cardigans. They're very doable, very manageable and you'll wear them every day and can easily worn over any LBD or LWD — little black dress, little white dress.

You can mix almost any two colors together, although it all depends on your style. I like to see a pop of neon with a bigger statement in a bright color. But, you don't want to clash. Today’s fashion favorite are bolder pairings are pink and red, yellow and green, and purple with green Blue, however, is a consistent favorite of shoppers, and mixing intensities is popular.

Looking ahead to fall, emphasis will be on jewel tones and colors associated with the rainforest, including acid green and tangerine, both of which look good against brown, moving back into the darker neutrals that inevitably come after Labor Day.

Just a helpful reminder, learn to mix and match your style, so you can still be fashionable whatever season it is.

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