Tuesday, March 31, 2009

How to Wear Silver

Metallics have been popular in todays designer clothes fashion, but the one that shines the most is silver. Silver is glitzy, glittery, and of course, very fun to wear. Silvers is used by many designers like Polo Ralph Lauren in their designs such as shoes, bags, tops, and other accessories. Although silver is mostly reserved for the night time, it can be worn during the day as well.

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Silver can be used to spiced up a dull outfit, just accessorize it with a silver piece such as a belt, a bag, or shoes. To really shine, pick up a cool silver metallic satin or silk dress. They’re really feminine, and easy to wear. Don’t go over the top with matching silver shoes and bag, but instead opt for one silver piece, and keep the rest toned down.

Go for big oversized bags during the day, and sport a small silver clutch at night. Silver shoes such as flats, pumps, and pretty much any heel looks great with a pair of jeans and a lace top. You can always brighten up an outfit with a fun, silver belt or a silvery shiny necklace.

Silver and other metallic colors can add a lot of sparkle to any old outfit. Try it and see the difference.

Get Fab with Polka Dots

Polka dot is a pattern consisting of dots, they range from a series of dots that are equally spaced and sized to a random arrangement of multicoloured dots of different sizes. Polka dots are most commonly seen on children's clothing, but now they appear in adults designer clothing.

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Polka dots are one of the hottest trends in todays designer clothes fashion. They’re fun, flirty, and very feminine. This retro style is very trendy, and comes in different colors and hues. The pattern rarely appears in formal contexts, however, and is generally confined to more playful attire such as bathing suits. Occasionally white on black regularly spaced polka dots appear on more formal clothing. This trend is used by many designer such as Polo Ralph Lauren in their designs.

Polka dots can also been seen on shoes such as peep-toe pumps, which you can wear anywhere, with anything! Polka dot bikinis are also a hot item, so be sure to have one for when the beach weather arrives. Polka dot dresses come in different colors such as yellow, pink, blue, green and pretty much any color out there.

They’re fun to wear, very lively, and these dresses make your look morefashionable.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Be trendy with Caftan

Caftans is one of the >designer clothes that is light, airy, and they’re actually easy to wear thats is why this designer clothing is perfect for summer. There are many kinds caftans out there designed by various designer such as Polo Ralph Lauren ranging from casual to more dressy and sophisticated, but either way, you must own one or two this season because they are just so versatile.

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The caftan is perfect for the beach, it’s very casual but sexy at the same time. pair it with flip-flops or flats. Other caftans are made of very light fabric such as silk or even satin that you can actually dress up with a pair of stilettos or any kind of heel and make it very chic and sophisticated.

Either way, all you have to do to dress up a caftan is add a few accessories, throw on some cute shoes, a glitzy bag, and you’re all set to go.

Caftans had previously used for status symbol, so wear it and you will be trendy.

Glitzy Metallic Clothings

Metallic mini is one thing you must own this summer to be added in your designer clothes collection. This clothing is extremely sexy, and they make your body look great. Metallic colors are use by many designer like Polo Ralph Lauren to add glamor on their designs.

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The metallic color of these designer clothing make your entire look so glitzy and glamorous, that you will absolutely love wear metallic minis! Most of them are in the shape of babydoll dresses, so they’re very easy to wear, and you don’t need many accessories since they’re already so bold. Pair a metallic mini with a pair of metallic shoes, and a glittery purse to match.

Metallic clothing are perfect for any special occasion because it make you stand out.

Friday, March 27, 2009

High Hemline Dress

The hemline is the line formed by the lower edge of a garment, such as a skirt, dress or coat. It is the most variable style line in designer clothing fashion, changing shape and ranging in height from hip-high to floor-length. What is a fashionable style and height of hemline has varied considerably throughout the years, and has also depended on a number of factors such as the age of the wearer, the occasion for which the garment is worn and the choice of the individual.

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In todays fashion in designer clothes, the high hemline dress is one of the must have item. And a hemline dress with earthy tones such as a taupe, beige, gold and white is best. Accessorize these dresses with metallic clutches and bags, sparkly jewelry, jeweled headbands and sizzling shoes.

With its popularity in fashion world, many designer such as Polo Ralph Lauren create different styles for this trend that will satisfy everyones preference in style.

High Hemline dresses are cute, and it looks amazing on most body types.

Be Trendy with Bell Bottom Jeans

Bell-bottoms are trousers that become wider from the knees downwards. Related styles include flare, loon pants and boot-cut/leg trousers. Hip-huggers are bell-bottomed, flare, or boot-cut pants that are fitted tightly around the hips and thighs worn by men and women. These style in designer clothes will look good on anyone no matter how tall or short you are.

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In the late 1980s, bell bottoms became popular again in women's and men's fashion in Europe spreading to the Americas. They were initially reintroduced as boot-cut, tapering to the knee and loosening around the ankle to accommodate a boot. Over time, the width of the hem grew wider and the term "flare-leg" was favored in marketing over the term "bell-bottom". As with boot-cut hems, the trend began in Europe and spread rapidly around the world.

In todays fashion in designer clothing, both boot-cut and flare-leg pants remain popular both in denim and higher quality office wear. In menswear straight-leg also gave way to boot-cut looks, again initially in Europe, and has made its leap into flare-leg for officewear, the same as what has happened in womenswear. Polo Ralph Lauren and other stylish designer in fashion industry have their own version for this trend.

Many celebrities are sporting the hottest bellbottoms around and they’re loving it. They can be jeans, cargos, and even dress pants, bellbottoms are still hot. You can pair them with anything, and you can also dress them up or dress them down.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Trendy Grecian Style

There is absolutely nothing better than spring fashion in designer clothing. Now is the time to re-invent ourselves as well as our closets. This spring, invite graceful, feminine items into your closet and you’ll see how wonderful this season can be with just the right style.

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Grecian clothing has been around for years and because of it's popularity it become a fashion staple. This clothing is inspired by none other than Greek itself. The laid back people, the incredible scenery, and the laissez-faire attitude of everything around you, inspires this style to be nothing more than that: beautiful, simple, and graceful.

Grecian style is all about being demure, while being feminine and delicate. Keep the fabric featherweight and the shade neutral. No need to run around the metro to find this style, you simply make it your own! Find whatever looks feminine and graceful on you. And of course the two most important thing is the fabric and the color. You can use any designer clothes for this style just like the trendy items of Polo Ralph Lauren.

This style is very lightweight and feathery. Find out what your Grecian style is with these fabulous Grecian pieces.

Stylish Printed Shorts

Sunny days is here and now is the time to go to the mall and stock up on all your spring and summer designer clothes and other essentials. One of the things that you absolutely must have this season is a pair or two of printed shorts.

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Printed shorts are cute and easy to wear. They come in a variety of styles from short shorts to longer, knee-high styles. For a relaxed, laissez-faire day, wear a pair of printed shorts with a cotton-tee or a tank-top and a pair of flats or flip-flops. For added height, put on a pair of wedges and grab a summer straw tote. This is the perfect outfit for going to the beach or just a lazy day.

If you’re looking for a dressier look, pair the printed shorts up with a relaxed blazer, a pair of pumps or wedges and a clutch. You’ll have that summery look, but with a little more sophistication. You can spice up your outfit with a pair of strappy wedges, and a brightly colored tube-top. Stock up on accessories, such as big necklaces and bracelets. When wearing a printed item, make sure it’s the only one. So a pair of printed shorts requires a non-printed top. You can find this item in every fashion stores, and many designers like Polo Ralph Lauren design for this item.

Try this hottest trend for this season and show off those legs with this year’s hottest styles and colors of printed shorts.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Stylish Necktie

A tie reflects what a man is all about. It is said to show his personality. We all develop our own preference for a particular colors and styles for designer clothing. Though styles do change and if you are in a high profile world you will need to keep up with the times. Polo Ralph Lauren and other famous designer have different style for neckties that will suit everyone's preference.

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A neck tie tells people who you are. There is more than a single way to tying the tie, it all depends on the type of knot you wish to achieve. Neckties have been off the normal wear list for some time as the casual wear came into the office environment. This was great for guys who did not like to have to feel their necks all pulled in. It can be somewhat uncomfortable in the warm weather to have to wear a tie.

It is important to learn what type of tie that needs to be worn for which occasion.

Get trendy with Black

Black is the basis for two important looks, either used as a pop art basic against white, or a 60's look that shows the graphic nature of black and white. It is great for designer clothes fashion. You can always spice your look with a beautiful thick, black shade.


Try spicing them up with the right color. Shades that go well with black are almost endless, just go with the current colors of the season. You'll love the boundless options that you'll be able to mix-and-match when it comes to black.

Men, always own a black pin striped English tailored suit. These are in right now. Most designer including Polo Ralph Lauren have different designs for this suit. They are beautiful and gorgeous.

Have a look at some of the great options black has this season. Sleek stylish and sophisticated are black’s names. Enjoy it this fashion season.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Pink for Fashion

Pink color is one of the very classical color. It has long been associated as the color that symbolizes truth. It is one of the favorite and highly admired colors of the fashion and designer clothing world. Its presence creates energetic and pleasurable ambience all around. Pink color has brought the new wave of fashion with it and stands second to the red color in symbolizing the romance in mind. Most designers like Polo Ralph Lauren used this shade for their designs.

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Black and Red are default colors and are ideal for any occasion. All these colors are very common and staple. Pink color dresses are highly in demand and are much popular. These dresses represent true spirit of a woman. Pink is a very cute and girlie color and thus brings out a true feminine behavior in a woman and are now becoming fashion industries’ favorite.

Pink are a perfect blend of hot and soft. Whatever you wear in pink, appealing charm of the color brings gentle and exalting feeling to the mind. Pink outfits have great visual aspect to the beholder also. Dynamic pink dresses induces fragrance in the entire aura. Pink and black have a great appeal, as well as pink and blue, pink and green.

Try some cool pink outfit and become a fashionable girl. Knockout pinkish apparels give a resplendent look.

Fashion Sense

Fashion magazine, and new fashions in designer clothes styles has a great impact on us but very few would go out and invest in them. We buy clothes that appeal to our innate sense and we hardly give a passing thought as to why we choose the clothes that we do. Dressing right is more complicated than just putting to pieces of clothing together. Many fashion icon, designers such as Polo Ralph Lauren contribute a lot on everyones fashion sense.

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Our dressing habit is influenced by not just our function or job role in the society; it is developed by what we see, feel and experience around us in the course of our life. As we grow and learn to make our own decisions, our sense of dressing evolves and we wear things that make us feel good and help us blend in with our peers.

While individualistic styles are what everybody is talking about, but none of us really like to be so drastic so as to invite unwanted criticism. The common desire is to be able to create a statement without standing out as a different being. This is a very tough task that most of us are trying hard to achieve.

With increasing self-awareness, most of us have also taken up dressing as a weapon of attraction. Our dressing sense is developed by a fair amount of peer pressure and our need to attract others. There is also a certain sexual element in dressing.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Formal Gothic Clothing

Formal gothic dresses look good on men and women both. It can be short and long both and can be worn on any formal occasion. This is the kind of designer clothes everyone loves to wear and it brings out your best. Goth as we all know takes us back to a different period of time and makes a very bold impression on people.

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Formal gothic clothing for men are made of brocade and sometimes satin too. Traditional formal Gothic brocade trousers are the most liked by all hot men all over the years. These trousers are made out of brocade, high waist, studs on the fly and bottom of legs to make it comfortable for the feet to slide in give a very sleek and elegant look to this traditional formal Gothic clothing.

Formal Gothic dresses are worn by women as evening wear, prom dresses, formal gowns, and weddings too. Many people are enjoying the Gothic culture be it men or women or children. For an evening wear a black velvet gown with red satin roses and bows with Victorian neck lines make a formal Gothic dress for a perfect evening which will make you shine and glow. For a full Gothic look get your hair crimped and give added tinge of color to the ends. A lot of colors will spoil the formal Gothic dress look and will make you funky. So avoid using lots of colors in cloths as well as on your hair.

If you don't like the styles of formal Gothic wear and prefer the common formal wear, you don't have to worry because many designer like Polo Ralph Lauren create designs for a trendy formal wear that suits your taste.

Formal Gothic dresses make your conviction even stronger and make you a better person and make you look gorgeous and handsome too.

Lux Accessories

More women are looking for personal satisfaction from a designer clothing, and the accessories seems to be the item of choice. With so much to choose from, it’s no wonder that women have accessories for their wardrobes. Polo Ralph Lauren and other fashion designer not only design for clothes, they also design for fashionable bags and other trendy accessories.


Clothing trends will come and go, but a well made accessories can stay with you for decades. Look for the right shape and design. The modern elements combined with a classic touch make this a perfect investment piece to use for years. There is also a confidence boost that comes with owning a luxury piece. Today’s consumer is looking to combine personal satisfaction with an item that provides longevity.

No matter what you choose, have fun selecting your fashionable accessories. It's such a small part of your outfit, but the impact on your look can be absolutely fabulous!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Plus-Size Clothing with Style

When purchasing plus size designer clothes, the most important thing to remember is, to buy it for your body shape. Clothing looks so much more flattering if it fits comfortably, why not go up a size, maybe buy a little belt to emphasize your waist or have a little cleavage showing and wear matching accessories such as necklace to draw attention up to your neckline.

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Colors are critical too, selecting an item for that matter, that suits your body shape but does not suit your colouring can really have a negative effect. To see if the color suits you hold the item on your decollete and the color will lift your look or have a draining effect, naturally choose the color that will lift you. This matched with educated fashion choices will have you leaving the house looking and feeling a million dollars!

It is clear that ladies of all shapes and sizes now have clothes available to them to so that they look good and feel good on every occasion. Designers like Polo Ralph Lauren not only create clothings for normal body shape but they also create designs for the plus size.

If you look good, you feel good; this is reflected in your mood and your eyes.

Hip-Hop Fashion

Hip-hop clothing is a designer clothing trend that many teens and young adults have embraced. It is inspired by the hip-hop music industry, which has its roots in the 1970s in New York City among African Americans. Today, the hip-hop culture has been embraced by teens across racial lines.

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Here are some styles of Urban Hiphop:

Gangsta style: The most popular look for hip-hop style is one that we're all familiar with: low-hanging baggy jeans, shirts with the tails hanging out, over-sized sports jerseys, and untied high-top sneakers. These are combined with bandanas or baseball caps worn backward – sometimes both.

Old-style gangster: Some hip-hop artists look further back in time for their gangster influences, back to the mafia gangsters of the 1930s and 1940s. This style included double-breasted suits, alligator-skin shoes, and silk shirts and ties.

Bling: Hip-hop clothing is also characterized by the ostentatious jewelry worn by hip-hop artists. Gold rope necklaces, large belts with jeweled belt buckles, gold or platinum capped teeth, and bejeweled dog tags are among the accessories of choice. Some artists cap all of their teeth, or wear grills, which are removable jeweled teeth coverings, not unlike braces.

Modern hip-hop: The trends now are for polo shirts, slim jeans, shorter t-shirts to expose jeweled belt buckles, sports coats, and hoodie sweatshirts.

Since hip-hop fashion has been embraced by the mainstream culture. Some designer like Polo Ralph Lauren not only create clothings for casual wear they also design clothing for urban wear.

Hip-hop clothing has influenced modern styles in many different ways, and it is a style that has shown lasting power. It is sure to be around for years to come.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Stylish Trousers

Trousers are one of the most sold designer clothes in the shops, and an items which are given a huge amount of time and importance in their making. Since these items normally are the ones which have high amount of sales, hence many known brands have also started to indulge themselves in this field of business like Polo Ralph Lauren.

ralphlauren.comLooking good is a factor which is vested with the act of donning on smart clothes which have a high degree of probability of increasing the smartness of the wearer. Trousers are therefore vested with many different forms and varieties with the aim of providing the maximum possible options for the buyer. They therefore come in different sizes and different cuts and some of them are also vested with the feature of being designer items.

Every season trousers offers a new features and new styles. So be careful in choosing one. It must be comfortable and compliments your style.

Women and Girl Fashion

As we talk on latest fashion designer clothing trends and styles of girls and women, we almost certainly meet the big differences. Girls are typically having their individual fashion trends and styles. They always explore and they produce their own. According to this thought, generally girls want to be making their own style for showing their own qualities.

ralphlauren.comWomen fashion, they always tried to make the fashionable appearance. They deal on the feminine and stylish designer outfits of a woman and try to follow some fashion trends created by some designer like Polo Ralph Lauren. It is a main meaning of social admiration as well as maturity level. That is the manners style that groups by women.

Accessories are very essential for young girls. Anything sequined, beaded or jeweled is wonderful. While in women fashion, it is a total respect to appear for an attractive attitude of a woman. A perfect appearance is essential to catch up by the eye of a man. All categories as well as concept of fashion style reserved as well as show by a woman trend. From top dress, lingerie, lower dress, jewelries, shoes and accessories. They mind of it and not now wearing it. They show up a stylish appearance to reflect the real qualities of a woman. A mature attitude of a woman. Ladies fashion styles are full of classic remakes with a fresh carefree attitude.

Women trend is elegant outlook which attract the awareness of the men, While young fashion is a total style which is a focus for the attention of boys.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wear Your Tuxedo

If the evening calls for a black tie event, you don’t have to be afraid to rent one. Renting a tuxedo allows you the pleasure of not spending hundreds for a designer clothes you’ll only wear occasionally and you’ll be able to rent the latest style made by famous designer such as Polo Ralph Lauren. Renting is easier than you think, but knowing how to wear a tuxedo will make you standout as a man who knows how to dress well when the occasion calls for only the best.

Here are some way to wear a tuxedo:

Ties: The first is the pre-tied bow tie. The second is the actual bow tie, which takes a steady hand and a bit of practice. Third, a black tie adds a modern touch to any tux and is best for an evening with a younger crowd.

Shoes: Wear your own black dress shoes, but make sure they are a simple capped toe and polished to a high shine.

Cuff links and shirt studs: Stay with cuff links in silver or stainless steel that don’t attract too much attention.

The biggest mistake men make when wearing a tuxedo is placing the cummerbund around their waist with the pleats facing down.

Types of Tuxedo:

The single-breasted jacket is the all purpose and classic style that will fit all body types and sizes.

double-breasted jacket always looks better on taller men because of its boxy shape and cut.

shawl-collar jacket is an old style of tuxedo and its time has passed.

white dinner jacket is the only thing that will do if you have the luxury of attending a black-tie affair in a tropical climate.

Sometimes still want to go to the party, but we don’t think we should dress up. If you don’t want to wear the appropriate attire, then you might as well stay home. Otherwise, get thee to yonder tux shop and enjoy the fun.

Stylish Staples for Men

Staples are the pieces that should be on regular rotation in your designer clothing, the ones that you find yourself turning to season after season, and they are the garments that never fail to make you feel confident and look pulled-together whether it is made by your favorite designer like Polo Ralph Lauren or not.

Your staples should be pieces that are as timeless as possible. These garments should also be neutral in color: gray, tan, brown, black, white or navy. The perfect timeless classic in a man’s designer clothes is the white dress shirt. Other garments you’ll want to make sure you’ve got at least one of in your closet are V-neck cashmere sweaters, black dress shoes, denim, and a scarf. Consider the garments that suits your lifestyle, so you’ll get the most use out of them right away. Get the essential piece first, then move slowly toward acquiring additional items.

A wardrobe built around versatile staples is a stylish one. Because they’re so basic, staples make you appear polished and put together quickly. They also let you showcase your more quirky clothing choices without seeming like a fashion victim.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Fashion and Dress Code

The employee has to be presentable and should dress right in wearing their working designer clothes. The dressing protocol is not limited to any single industry that is why different sectors have different set of rules for their employees to dress. The reasons given for the same may be ranging from culture, atmosphere to ethics. It is true that the dressing style vary according to the industry to reflect the culture and work ethics of the workplace.

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Mind it that the attire of an employee of a particular industry speaks volume about the company’s work ethic, image and culture. It adds an impression of professionalism, intelligence and commitment that enhances the overall credibility of the company. Similarly, non adherence to a dress code can send out a message of discredit and incompetence.

But now, many organizations have now realized the fact that younger employee of today is more fashion conscious and experiment a lot with style even with his formal wears. The companies are also waking up to this fact and are flooding the market with formal yet fashionable attire. This reason encouraged different designers like Polo Ralph Lauren to create designs for working clothes.

Dressing perfectly to work everyday is important for the complete look and feel for the employees and the organization.

Stylish Waistcoats

Today many fashionistas all over the world have got attracted by waistcoats. Some call it boho or a retro style. It is a “must have” thing for your designer clothing because it is equally prefect for both men as well as women. Polo Ralph Lauren and other fashion designer have their own variation of this type of clothing.

Worn by both men and women, waistcoats can be worn with anything and that’s the best part about this piece of clothing, that is why it has become an accessory garment nowadays. When wearing waistcoat, make sure that it is fitted at the top like your second skin. This is true for both men as well as for women. If you want to play on a safer note, choose from the nice ranges of empire-lines and figure-hugging cuts. If you are getting it stitched, make sure to get your waistcoat tailored to your size. Go for the tighter, structured, waistcoats with lower necklines.

Men can pick waistcoats which look like jerseys or the ones that are knitted with plaids. From color palette, you can choose colors like brown, blacks and deeper tones. Avoid any kind of prints. Remember that color coordination is a big thing so make sure you pick the right colors for your jacket, shirts and trousers too. Do check out waistcoats with collars, they look terrific.

Just be careful of whatever style you choose. Instead of gorging over basic formal waistcoats, stick to contemporary styles and cuts. Stay away from grunge look.

Monday, March 16, 2009

How to Wear Red

Red is one of the most versatile of all bright colors. It has long been associated as the color of passionate and sex. It is the color of danger and aggression, the color of sexual predators. It is very famous in any designer clothing, specially for the dress. With this impact in fashion industry most designer such as Polo Ralph Lauren use this color for their designs.

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Make your red wardrobe hot by mixing it with beige, tobacco and fuschia pink. Go for florals or prints rather than a block of solid color. Matching red with black or white is good but boring, and can be harsh on the skin.

Women with porcelain skin and blonde hair, can wear true reds. While deep dramatic reds look good on brown-eyed women and sultry dark-brunettes. Those with olive and darker skin can wear scarlet and orange-based reds. Softer shades of coral or blush red look good on women with a medium complexion, where the skin is neither dark nor light. Once you have learn to make the most of red, find out how to wear other colors that suit your complexion.

Red shades is a hot look, with primary red opaques, with sexy red stilletos or a touch of red lipstick adds sex appeal and attitude to any outfit.

How to Wear Gray

For some, gray may have negative impact. However, gray is sophisticated and chic, and can be seen in some women’s designer clothes fashion runways as a major neutral, not only for daytime, but as an elegant evening look. That is why some designer like Polo Ralph Lauren uses this shade for their creations.

Many people ruin gray by wearing black accessories, making it dull and boring, instead add some bright colors and see the difference. The second strongest color in your outfit should be tonal, not too contrasting. When it comes to accessories, contrasting colors look best. Some fuchsia pink shoes or red high heels, or similarly shaded scarf or belt. During the day you can tone it down a little with chocolaty browns. Go for suede shoes or boots because it will look better than leather.

Try to experiment with color and you will find a whole new palette that you’d never thought you’d wear. Rediscover a shade or hue by mixing and matching different-colored accessories and learn how to wear colors.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Tips in Wearing Green

Wearing green represent that you are sensitive about doing the right thing. There is a whole range of rich shades and pastel hues for you to experiment with your designer clothes and accessories. Green is a universal color, the color of the land and trees. It has become a favorite of fashion designers like Polo Ralph Lauren, in its many hues and shades.

Ralph Lauren Womens Clothing

Green is one of the colors that works well on red-heads. Wear a strong green like emerald, olive or forest green to make red hair stand-out. Juicy lime greens are just right for blondes, particularly if they have some warmth in their skin. Lime green is mixed with yellow, so is a good matching tone for blonde hair. Mint green looks dramatic on dark complexion as this strong pastel provides a vivid contrast to the skin tone. Darker shades are too dull or muddy, but strong lighter shades look striking and light up the face.

Choosing the wrong shade of green can do absolutely nothing for your appearance, so select carefully.

Tips In Wearing Yellow and Orange

Color can represent what we feel. Just like yellow, it represents someone who is innovative and idealistic. And orange are for those who are extroverted, adventurous and comprehensive. Nothing looks better against a great summer beach tan than these cheerful happy colors.

Ralph Lauren Womens ClothingJust like any other color, fun and flirty oranges and yellows have always been considered risky colors in women’s designer clothing fashion. Not everyone can carry this look. However, the cheerfulness of these color in the form of accessories or signature pieces made by some fashion designer like Polo Ralph Lauren will brighten up a boring wardrobe.

Orange is really flattering; but be careful not to go over-the-top. There are different shades and hues ranging from mango to lighter shade, and from lighter to heavier shades. This color tend to suit more olive-skinned women, although those with pale skins can go for a lighter, less vibrant shade. This color looks good on women with golden hair and tawny skin. Women with brown hair, brown eyes and olive complexions look wonderful in vibrant mango or tangerine shades. Tropical tones, reminiscent of sunsets, will bring out the color in dark eyes.

Yellow radiates the light and really gets you noticed. And there is enough variation in color tones to match all skin types. Warm, dark golden yellows like honey or caramel best suit those women with blonde hair, dark eyes, and tawny skin tones. These warm undertones lift the complexion, whilst pale pastels can make skin look sallow.

Blonde and light brown-haired women with a lighter skin tone can carry off more lemony, golden tones. Warm yellows, but not too dark, will bring out the flecks of gold in hair, and make blue or green eyes sparkle. Sunny shades of daffodil or lemon need either a very dark or light skin tone. Many pale skins have a cool blue undertone and therefore the warmth of this shade boosts the complexion. Women with dark features generally look dramatic in yellow, as against their skin, it appears elegant rather than ugly.

Be aware that these two color can make your skin look dull if worn with the wrong skin type. Add warmth by choosing a right hue that accentuate your skintone.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Key Fashion Look, Wear White

The fashion in designer clothes suggests that nautical is nice, patterns are peachy, dresses are best, and white is right this season. Fashion designers such as Polo Ralph Lauren have various designs on white ranges this season.


Embroidered shirts and dresses mixed with other bolder looks works well. No wardrobe is complete without a white shirt, smock, and dress. Neutral colored trousers or skirts help you look cool and casual. Preppy looks are also part of today's fashion. You can also consider mixing a white pullover with neutral slacks or a darker rugby shirt with white trousers.

White, like black, should never be out of fashion, but it takes a good designer to hit the right note. Finding your own key looks will be important in your fashion look. Don't be afraid to take experiments.

Preppy Fashion Trend

Polo shirts, striped narrow belts, and leather loafers have been back in designer clothing line for the last several seasons. The new preppy clothing design is best described as casual elegance, and many designer like Polo Ralph Lauren create designs for this trend.

Ralph Lauren polo
Preppy fashion requires keen attention to detail and making sure you don't look too refined. Button up shirts should never be starched; or it's preferable to carry off a look that suggests you grabbed your shirt from a crumpled ball on the floor and put it on.

Getting this style right also means having an awareness of contrast and restraint. Reinvent a classic cardigan by adding a bit of sequin and some gold trim. Update a classic look by using bright colors.

Preppy clothing design is more on casual look.. Try it and see if you will look better on this trend.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Women's Fashion Sense

Women fashion is considered to be the most expensive fashion as they need all possible accessories and designer clothing to make them look beautiful.

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There are many fashion designers such as Polo Ralph Lauren prefer giving their creation for the dresses only for women. Many fashion institutes have been open where colleges are now offering pupils to join where they can engross their creativity and can get the degree of their hardship and success.

Many magazines, products, and web links are there which can be seen by any women to update their style, she can also send her part of questions to know how she can look more beautiful or can improve on her present beauty status. This shows that the brand may not be able to be recalled by every individual but a face of women is always an impact with the message she delivers.

Women's Sportswear

The number of women getting into the world of sports is increasing fast. Today womens sportswear and casual designer clothes have become a major business for many companies and fashion designer like Polo Ralph Lauren. Because not only men but also women have got a huge range of womens sportswear.

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Today there are many brands which only make womens sportswear. Womens sportswear gives women both comfortability and competitive feeling. In return women are getting the most stylish as well as fashionable kind of sportswear and casual wear . The fashion industry always bring out many exciting trendy designs. Women should make use of these offers so that they can reduce the cost of sportswear. Womens sportswear like shorts, t-shirts, shoes, socks etc. are always necessary for them.

These days women are very selective when it comes to sportswear. They want them to provide adequate coverage and be comfortable as well. Due to increased number of women getting into sports, many sports experts and manufacturers have begun developing right clothing for them.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Stylish Sundress

Sundresses are very practical and fun to wear when it comes to designer clothes. They can be worn during the day or night on weekdays or weekends. These dresses are what memories are made of; cruises, exotic tropical beaches, walking along a boardwalk. Most men believed that it is one of the sexiest looks on women.

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The appealing thing about them is that they are perfect for those hot summer days and nights. Since comfort is important, many are made with cotton. There are lightweight cottons, batistes and poplins that are sheer, delicate yet easy to care for. In addition to these fabrics they are also available in rayon. These garments do not need much accessorizing yet they complement sandals, metallic flats, vintage brooches and handbag, all simple and wonderful additions. Moreover, when traveling these dresses do not take up a lot of space in your luggage.

Sundresses are available in several prints and styles. Many designer like Polo Ralph Lauren have their own design to suit the taste of everybody. They can have colorful floral patterns, jungle hues or even plaid patterns. They are available with wide straps, thin straps or even strapless. Inherently these dresses make women look and feel sexy because almost all shapes and sizes can find a style and print that looks good on them. And if you can't find one that you like, head down to your local fabric shop and choose a pattern and pull out the sewing machine. They are often very simple to make.

Women of all ages and figure types can wear them —from small to plus sizes. They are relatively inexpensive and not to hard to fine. In town or on the beach, sandals and a sundress are all you need.

Summer Wear for Kids

Summertime is here and we need to fill our wardrobe with new summer clothes which make us feel comfortable. Now with a completely new variety of summer designer clothes for kids we are now sure that our kids are happy under the heat of the sun. Summer clothes for kids are available in lot of selected shops. Some designer not only focuses on adult wears but also for the kid's wear just like Polo Ralph Lauren.

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Summer clothes are available for boys and girls. Shorts and cropped pants are the basic summer clothing for girls. Along with protection from the heat, they also carry a fashion statement. Bermudas, both short and long, variety of cropped pants, capris, gauchos and ankle length pants are the latest fashion trends for the kids along with protection. Apart from clothing, shoes also play a major part.

Shoes available in different colors and style makes you kid feel nice. Sneakers is one of the fashion trends been followed. The best choice of summer clothes for kids would be soft cotton tees and tanks. Boys also have a summer collection that they can choose from like patterned shorts, camouflage shorts and plain cotton shorts.

Fabrics and materials used for kid's summer clothes is an important factor to be kept in mind. Summer clothes should be made understanding that the kids have a very delicate skin. In summer, some colors give you a soothing feel like white and pastels. However, the ranges of colors that one could find for summer clothes are infinite. Khaki, orange, beige, green are the colors which are suit ed for boys while hot pink, fuchsia, yellow and olive for girls.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Leather Clothing Making Sense

A fashion consists of a current trend, favored for frivolous rather than practical, logical, or intellectual reasons. It is a manner of showing how something is done or how it happens. It is a characteristic or a habitual practice. Fashion is a usage that is based on the newness of behavior. Fashion, at last, is "the make or form of something; an often personal manner or way; mode of action or operation; a prevailing custom, usage, or style; the prevailing style during a particular time; a garment in such a style; social standing or prominence esp. as signalized by dress or conduct".

Designer clothing is the most popular area in the industry of fashion. Most people believe that designer clothing only makes someone to be luxurious because of the tag of the company. If the company is good then it doesn't matter what material they are using even if the material is very much same compared to other materials which other retailers are using. It's all because of tag of the company that makes their material gain high price than other materials.

Leather is one of the material which is using for designer clothing. Silk, Satin are also some examples of designer clothing material. Leather Designer clothing are made up of highest leather quality material. Leather designer clothing are so soft and comfortable to wear. For most of us, feeling comfortable is very important than looking good. In Leather designer clothing not only you feel comfortable but also you look good.

There is much to support the view that it is clothes that wear us and not we them; we may make them take the mould of arm or breast, but they would mould our hearts, our brains, our tongues to their liking.

Fashion Statement: Designer Handbag

Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening. Fashion is the science of appearance, and it inspires one with the desire to seem rather than to be. Ladies of Fashion starve their happiness to feed their vanity, and their love to feed their pride.

Most women has fallen in love with or wanted to have designer clothes, but their wardrobe cannot be complete without designer handbags. They are very stylish, classy and the talk of every town. The only thing is most women cannot afford to buy designer handbags because they are too expensive. But that isn't the case anymore because women's can now buy discounted designer handbag anywhere that they don't have to sacrifice their entire savings to live the life of luxury.

There really is no better way for a woman to spruce up her outfit than to accessorize with the right designer accessories such as handbags. Since the internet has started to offer more and more designer handbags to the mass population, more and more women are able to purchase the same sophisticated and stylish bags that the rich and famous do.

Remember that whatever you do, be sure what you want and be sure about yourself. Fashion is not just beauty, it's about good attitude. You have to believe in yourself and be strong.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Type Of Men's Underwear

When you walk into a shop selling undergarments you will be amazed as well as confused to see the wide variety. At times there can be even chances where you would be loaded with the different kinds of underwear wondering which ones to buy and which one to drop and it is very similar with the situation of any designer clothing. There are many options available as far as the fabrics are also concerned. All the undergarments which have been listed below are available in a variety of fabric options like cotton, polyester and other silk blends. You must also consider what brand suits your preferences such as Polo Ralph Lauren.

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Briefs: It has an elastic wristband at the waist. It is about four inches above the waist that gives full coverage from the waist till the upper thighs and to the entire butt. Briefs has two varieties: the low rise briefs and the high rise briefs. Briefs are mostly preferred by people who need to sit all day long or they are involved much in physical activities.

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Boxers: They are the most classic and the most preferred undergarments. They are lose and the most comfortable garments available in town. These shorts have a straight cut leg opening and they cover a part of the thighs and the entire butt. Boxers are best suited for loosing pants. These are the only undergarments that can be tailored. They are not suited for people who are involved in physical activities.

All these undergarments whether briefs or boxer, provide a good comfort level and a good support to the genitals.

Fashionable Camisole

Camisole can make any woman feel sexy. It can be worn underneath your favorite designer clothes or as lingerie. Some women find wearing camisole sets underneath their clothes makes them warmer while others just feel that it makes them sexier. A camisole is considered to be an underwear.

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Camisoles can be worn as shirts. They usually have straps and may cover the torso, although some shows the tummy. In the summer time they are worn instead of tank tops, and many women have begun wearing them under jackets as a fashionable alternative to the business suit.

One of the nice things about camisole sets is that they often cost quite a bit less than other lingerie, yet they can still be every bit as beautiful and sexy. They also look wonderful on all body types, which makes them even more versatile. These characteristics of camisole is the reason why designers like Polo Ralph Lauren create designs for this clothing.

Whatever you choose you can be sure that it will be sexy and impress either yourself if you are treating yourself or your loved one. As long as you’re comfortable and feel good about yourself in a camisole, your options are endless.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Stylish Apple Bottom

The Apple Bottoms in the designer clothing line was created by multi-platinum superstar Nelly with the belief that the natural curves of a woman should be celebrated. The belief behind the Apple Bottoms is that woman shouldn’t have to attempt to fit into their clothes. They believe that the clothes should fit the natural silhouette of a woman. The style of the Apple Bottoms clothing line is to accentuate all of the curves of women.

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Many celebrities favor the Apple Bottoms clothing line jeans like Oprah, Fergie, Vivica Fox, Ashanti, and more. Today Apple Bottoms is not only well known for their signature jean enhancing a woman’s figure but for other products also. They have many other lines such as sunglasses, scrubs, optical, swimsuits, intimates, footwear, jewelry, handbags and other accessories, children’s line, and sportswear.

Just like any other clothing line such as Polo Ralph Lauren, the Apple Bottoms is a successful clothing line because the clothes fit the women and not that the women should fit into the clothes. Jeans suitable to be used as a party ware is the main innovation of Apple Bottom. Now jeans are more delicious with designer work and sequins work in back pockets and around the back.

Now Apple Bottom collections are more popular and luxurious with denim, jumpsuits, accessories and other dressing materials suitable for all season.

Fashionable Handbags

If you are looking for fashionable handbag to pair with your favorite designer clothes. Look for the most recent style of the season and consider the newest fashion designer styles made by any designer like Polo Ralph Lauren. Remember that carrying a fashionable handbag is the ideal way to stay in style.

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Trendy bags and other accessories helps in highlighting the attire or any dress code and meant to modify your entire look. They also help to conceal any sort of weakness of a dress plus they all follow the existing fashion trend, which makes everyone to believe them.

Bags have also gone through too many changes to suite ever mounting wants of different customers. Fashionable Handbags are commonly used for different adaptable usages. But the important fact is that these bags are wanted to be stylish and fashionable. This task is beautifully done by presenting the most heart throbbing discerning fashionable bags.

Fashion bags are used for many purposes to store personal product plus they can be worn everywhere.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Trendy Ethnic Designs

Most designers like Polo Ralph Lauren look to different cultures and traditions when it comes to creating designer clothing. This is because they are seen as different and exotic, as most of the things worn in these cultures are based on patterns and images that are not seen in our everyday lives. When it comes to ethnic patterns and inspiration there are generally four consistent areas that inspiration has come from. This article looks at some of the areas that have inspired patterns and clothing styles.

Ralph lauren shopThe main areas where designers go for inspiration are Asia, Africa, South America and indigenous populations where they will use the imagery in costume, such as Aboriginal dress or Native American culture. Today there has been a rise in clothes that have been designed with an ethnic influence. India is one of the obvious places to start from. The traditional Indian block printed fabric provides an excellent base from which to create a whole new style from. Many of the block printing techniques are unchanged over centuries but the addition of machinery and modern dyestuffs has allowed many of the fabrics to be mass produced.

Ethnic clothing gives you a really individual look which suits a range of ages and is easy to wear.

Teen Fashion

Today's teenager are always searching for different designer clothes that are in style, but which also have a famous clothing label such as Polo Ralph Lauren to go along. Popular brands are well known for the quality of their products, as well as keeping up the pace with the current fashion trends.
ralph lauren saleThe phenomenon can be observed far easier in teenagers. Teen clothing follows the current fashion trends adopted by music and movie stars, the ones which young people today take up as role models. The latest trend in teen clothing today is hip-hop.

Clothes are also paired with accessories like name plates, name belts and a considerable number of rings. Jewelry is an important part of the teen fashion trend, both in men and women alike. Chains were common with men, and large earrings popular among women.

The various styles this culture has appeal to everyone’s tastes. This is probably one of the reasons why teenagers purchase products from famous clothing brands that manufacture teen fashion garments.

Before you make any purchase you should check out ways to match different teen clothing items. For this, you will find an unlimited number of clothing items with which you can let your imagination run free.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Stylish Embroidery

Embroidered wardobes are very popular among the designers such as Polo Ralph Lauren in the designer clothes industry. It is very common to find embroidered t-shirts, caps, jackets, bags, sweaters and sports clothing. Embroidered clothing is just the decorative clothing either it has just a logo of a company or a flower print on it. A variety of embroideries can be found in the market. A person can make the choice of embroidered clothing available in diverse patterns, colors and fabrics. It breaks the uniformity and monopoly of a particular style or design.

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Different types of embroideries are used in the clothing like hand embroidery, cross-stitching, crewel embroidery and needlepoint embroidery. Embroidery is an art of skilled persons. The hand embroidery makes use of various kinds of stitching and decorative materials like yarn, metal strips, pearls, beads and mirrors. This embroidery takes hours of stitching by hands. In recent time, sewing machines are used to do this painful task.

Embroidered clothes are liked by the users as they give them the opportunity to design their clothes as per their choice and desire. Anyone can decorate the piece of cloth with the use of custom patterns. These give the personalized look to your garment. And, it is believed that it generated the feeling of happiness in both the user and the creator.

The embroidered clothes are in regular choice of designers as it gives them the chance to showcase their design and new ideas to the public. Embroidery is used in all most all types of apparels like towel, apron, carry bags, bed sheets, pillows, table mats and many more. All types of apparel use specific type of embroidery pattern depending upon the fabric used in manufacturing.

The custom designs of embroidery give a unique look to your garments and make them your style statement in the group. Embroidered piece of cloth looks fashionable to everyone.

Designer Clothing for You

When talking about designer clothing, the highly imaginative and elite commencements of top fashion designers like Polo Ralph Lauren first come in our mind. Designer clothes is known the representation of fashion. They are attractive for so many people. They have elite styles and patterns and are made with high quality materials and master craftsmanship which gives them a greater than before prolonged existence and makes they better value for money. Everyone wants to be liked and admired within their group of friends as well as contemporaries. That is why it is made to a very high standard using the best quality materials. Time and concerned is taken in cutting each garment carefully and edging them jointly with quality outfits to create the item of clothing.

Ralf Lauren Shop
This mentioned care in making the clothing is tremendously obvious when the designer clothes are shown next to the lower excellence, accumulation produced super market special. Designer clothing are made to a better standard and using a higher grade of materials to make it last longer in order for them to make value of their money. There are different varieties of designer clothing that accommodate for a massive amount of markets. Some people like fashionable and stylish, at the same time as other like loud and bold clothing designs. This clothing is about the entity taste and it is important to wear clothes that you feel comfortable in. That is why they come in many shapes and sizes so you don’t have to encompass the perfect figure to wear the latest designs.

Designer clothing is yet to be had in maternity sizes. They are also the right option for ladies who want to look gorgeous through pregnancy. Finding the designer clothing is very easy. There are many designers who have created their own websites and the internet is also a big platform to get more and more knowledge and detailed information about designer clothing.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Women's Suit

Suits becomes part of the designer clothes industry. This is the reason why dressing innovations have been in demand in the corporate world and more and more businesses are giving way to women’s suit in the office. In answer to this dressing styles, fashion designers like Polo Ralph Lauren have been more creative in thinking ways to make women’s suit more fashionable without losing its authoritative presence. But what is the secret to women’s suit fashion?

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Versatility. It is one of the requirements of having a fashionable women’s suit. Aside from the fact that these pieces are quite costly, it would be better if the pieces still retain a good collection whether the pieces are paired to a pants or a skirt.

Comfort. It can be established by the time you are able to wear the women’s suit. However, by having knowledge of the quality of the fabrics that may be available, you can choose which fabric will be more comfortable for you. Most often, wool is preferred as the material for the clothing while cotton runs secondary.

The aesthetic appearance. While it is a must that women’s suit is smartly bought with cost-effectivity considered, the visual appearance still is the top priority in having a fashionable women’s suit. The suit should be able to project a powerful office presence yet maintaining the feminine side of the woman. The suit should be able to create illusion to make the body appear classy and elegant, and able to highlight the bearing of a woman. Aesthetic appearance includes all the factors affecting the visuals of the suit. This includes the color, the style and the fit.

The fit. Women’s suit should be able to hug the body however, it should not be tight. Having the perfect fit may be difficult yet it should be one of the greatest factors to consider. Having the perfect fit accentuates the body and the curves in the feminine form while refining the appearance of the woman.

The accessories. While some women may neglect the impact that accessories can have on the fashion of the women’s suit, these have unnamed importance as accessories add to the accents of a simple suit. However, accessories should be left at a minimal to avoid exaggerations on the fashion. Most often the simplest is the best. Accessories include the jewelries, the bags and the scarf.

The secret to women’s suit fashion is incredibly flexible to all women. But remember that fashion sense varies from a person to another, fashion has a meaning that describes its definition and that is comfort.

Stylish Loungewear

After all we have we have set clothing for work, for bed, for weddings, for playing sport, some of us even have certain clothing that we always wear for travelling. Why on earth do we need another wardrobe essential. We all know that if we make the effort when going out, we feel infinitely more confident about ourselves, the same thing goes with a new pair of shoes or a brand new designer clothing made by famous designer like Polo Ralph Lauren. The issue is how do you do that in reverse?

Ralph lauren shopLoungewear comes into its own. Not only is it a useful style of clothing for doing not very much in, loosely fitted, comfortable, easy to wear, easy to wash, elegant but the very fact of putting it on prompts a part of our brain to stop, to slow down and leave the lists, the homework, the present wrapping and the washing and just relax.

Here’s the thing you don’t need to. Why not put on something that is loosely fitted, comfortable and easy to wash but is also elegant, stylish and is designed to cover the bits you want covered and perhaps accentuate the bits you don’t feel so bad about. It will prompt a part of the brain to slow down, leave the lists, the homework, the frantic body overhaul list and allow you to feel good about yourself, thus relax and just be. How good does that sound?

There is a point to loungewear. If you believe that a good life is a life with balance then investing in something that helps you slow down, switch off, lay back and relax can only be a profoundly good thing.

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